You deserve the best love

Everything has a reason for coming, staying, and sometimes leaving us. And we will know that reason if not today, maybe tomorrow, the next-next days, the next months, or even years. When we will know the reason for all things that come, stay and or leave us, it will be the time that we’re healed, it will be the time that we’ve totally let go, it will be the time that we are grateful for whatever that thing is.

When it comes to those things that leave us, maybe it’s not meant for us, maybe it’s just there for us for the meantime to make us happy and most of all for us to learn some lessons in life. Someday we need that lessons we’ve learned from our happy or hurtful past for us to be strong and go on with life because for sure, there are better and or best things/people that deserve our love, care, and everything more than what we have had in the past.

Nonetheless, I’ve been through what you are feeling right now and even more. And I know it hurts a lot but just feel the pain, cry a lot, talk about it a lot, because it’s normal for us humans to be wounded for some reasons. And one ways of being healed, one ways of feeling better is to just SHARE IT because by some means it will help in freeing something unnecessary and or one way of discharging unwanted feelings/things in life.

We might be wounded but then by it we will be more experienced, more careful with our next endeavors, more careful with our next relationship or anything, and most of all we will be polished with the wounds and the hurts that we have at the present for us to have a happy and beautiful future ahead of us.

They say that love hurts, loneliness hurts, losing someone hurts, etc. But according to a saying, love is the only thing in this world that covers up all the pain and makes us feel wonderful again. When you feel wonderful again, that’s the time that you have found your new love, that’s the time that you will feel you are healed with your hurtful past, that’s the time that you give LOVE to yourself before giving love and sharing love to other people.

In any case, about the things that you’ve shared that your life seems a bit empty right now – sometimes we need an empty life to be more appreciative for those times that we have more than enough. Because most of the time, we tend to look for more things even if we are already blessed with lots of things. When time will come that we’ve realized how blessed we are and after we stop looking for more things and after we will let God does the wonderful works for us, it will be the time that best things will come our way again even if we are not looking for it, even if we are not praying for it, even if we are not asking for it. It will be like more on openness to whatever God has planned for us. It will be like fewer complaints and more on giving thanks to good (including the bad) things that we have had in our lives. But this doesn’t mean that we will just do nothing at all. It will be like more on surrendering to God beyond what we’ve surrendered in the past. It will be like, when we do things, we will do it for him and if it’s meant for us, hope God will bless us and hope he will give it to us. And if a thing seems like not what we want/need, maybe it’s still a blessing in disguise for us to open our eyes and our hearts to new things, to new people, to people who loves us most, to people who truly cares for us.

On the other hand, the thing that you say about FAILURE…I think you are not a failure and you never failed with whatever it is that you called a failure. That thing just happened for you to LEARN more and more. In life, if we will consider failing, it’s really failing. But if we will just look at things as we are learning from it, for us to have a better life, then, it will comfort us and somehow will make us happy and we will be thankful for that thing that comes our way. And we will not care if that thing/person hurt us because what matters most is the learning that we acquire from it.

For sure, YOUR DESERVE MORE LOVE than what you have with that person. A love that will not hurt you! A love that will accept you more than you have accepted yourself. A love that you don’t need to sacrifice more of yourself but instead a love that will do some sacrifices for YOU in order to have you and be with you forever! Most of all, you deserve a love that will not CHEAT you in any ways and a LOVE that will not look for another person but only YOU alone.

It’s natural to feel pain and to get hurt. But don’t let those feelings overpower you. Instead, just be thankful that you feel it. Someday, you will just laugh at it and mostly you will laugh at yourself for feeling that way.

Going back to that guy, if he left you, then, let it be. And also be thankful that he’s doing it because at least, he is showing who he is as early as now. And on the lighter side, at least God’s Gift (or as what we call it in SFC – GG) will come in your way the soonest possible time and that will be in His time.

And again, we need to be emptied from some NOT SO IMPORTANT things in our lives in order for those most important things to flow into our present lives for us to have a better and happier future.

Anyway, about that person again, if he left you, then, that’s cool just like this saying “Don’t like me? Cool! I don’t have to wake up every day to impress u.” or whatever….at least right now, you are free again. And in younger years (like your age), hmmm, it’s nice to be free again.

And another saying is like this: “There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn (things that you’ve discovered about that person), and people we can’t live without but have to let go.” If that’s the case, we need to let go those people who are not meant for our future ‘coz maybe they’re just there as part of our past so that we will be happy for that time and so that we will learn things (bad or good).

Another saying goes: “If you love something/someone let it go. If it comes back to you it’s yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” Well, if it will not come back, then, we must be thankful at least there will be no cheating or no pain (again). And if it will come back (if we will take it back), I guess we are prepared for another cycle of life, whatever it will be and wherever it will take.

And there is another saying: “True love covers the eye to see no wrong. It darkens reason to consider every situation. It loves most when it hurts much. True love is still TRUE even to the point of letting go.” Yes, it is still true even if we will let it go. AT LEAST IN OUR PART, it’s TRUE THAT WE TRULY LOVE those we love most. WITH THIS, I think, you need not worry about anything because someday THAT PERSON will realize how much you love him but he just wasted it all.