The First Day at Daycare: Practical Tips for Parents

Separation anxiety from your child could be in a class all its own, but when you have decided to go back to work or you simply want you kid to be around his or her peers, you will probably start looking for the daycare that’s a good fit for your family. Once found, it’s time to get you and your child ready for the first day and Stuck on You Australia feels your anxiety and your concern. Here are some tips for making the transition a smooth one.

Promote a Positive Discussion

In a lot of instances, your child won’t think anything negative unless you bring it up first. If he or she is old enough to have a discussion about the new routine, focus on what is positive: new playmates, learning exciting things, packing a lunch just like Mommy or Daddy might. But also let them express concerns, without fostering new ones.

Label Everything

When we say everything we mean, short of your child’s underwear: everything. Chances are good that those boots you got on sale at the department store were also snapped up by three other sales-savvy moms, and in the exact same size. The Sharpie is most parents’ go-to, but you could switch it up a bit and order custom labels, which you and your child can spend time applying to their shoes, lunchbox, jacket and anything else going with them.

Have Dress Rehearsals

A few days before the official first day, start doing morning run-throughs of your new routine, including wake-up, breakfast, getting dressed and even the drive to the daycare center. It is good for both you and your child in lessening the stress of a foreign routine and knowing ahead of time if your child is going to try and take 15 minutes brushing their teeth.