Chanel Boomerang that cost almost 2k?

Do you love Chanel? I am sure you do. It’s either you bought Chanel already or you are saving your money to buy at least one Chanel product. For me, I do love channel products coz it’s famous and it’s one of the luxurious item introduce in the world. I also love the quality of the product coz it’s durable. Owning one will be a great collection and a great prestige. And how about owning a Chanel boomerang that cost almost 2k? As what I’ve read in MSN (, it cost like around $1,930 as per the post of jeffreestar – I think Jeffreestar has lots of savings from younger age up to this date. Looking at the photo, I can say to myself that it is nice to save while you are still young so that you can buy just whatever you want on the present time. Go go Jeffreestar. Thanks for showing your Chanel boomerang. That’s priceless!

Photo from: Jeffreestar IG