Please keep the form 1099 confidential for all of your online workers! Thank you!

This is the indication of a company that takes good care of the personal information of their employees. I salute a company of which I am working with for several years now since they will send their FORM 1099 securely on snail mail.

Note: I would like to say thank you for the good company who kept the 1099 form so confidential! God bless you more! Hope you will have more blessings this year so that you will be able to give additional income to people around the globe who wants to earn extra income online!

However, there is one company that I am worried about because they sent my FORM 1099 (and I am sure I am not alone) in a window envelope type in which my information was clear to anyone. It was not just that, the window envelop that they used was not fully sealed. Hope the next years to come; they will handle their online workers’ information confidentially. In addition, if putting the form 1099 of their online worker is not possible, I hope they will just send it by email instead of snail mailing it with another window envelope. For this year, I hope I will not reach 600 bucks of my income with them so that they will not be force in sending me another window envelope that is open in the snail mail next year for my form 1099.