Chance to post; I thought they will give

It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted in here. But today, I have the chance to post a little thing with my ever dearest blog. I thought I’ll be having a page ranking even just one but sad to say, they didn’t give me that gift. Oh well, I’ll be blessed next time. I’m hoping they will be having a kind heart and that they will give me a page ranking in here even if it’s just page ranking one. I’ll be very grateful then if they will do so. Hmm, be posting this right now so that I can proceed with my other computer jobs.

Still up

I’m still up even if it’s very late. I wanted to finish something in order for me to earn a little more. This is the only means for me to have a little savings so that I can send something to my family next month. Well, I guess after this, I will be off to bed. And I will resume my computer work early morning, like around 9am or earlier. Life here is not easy so that’s why I’m doing this. So this is it, I’m going to post this one right now so that I can put myself to a little rest for the night.

The Finest Pen Ever

This pen is the only finest point pen that I have since 2005.It’s Pilot G-Tech-C3.I still keep it and try my best to save its ink.I’ll just be using this during special occasion, like during the time when I need to write my signature.Too bad, that I can’t find .3 pen here.All of the pens that every store is selling are all point 5 to point 7.I don’t know why they are not selling pens with fine point as .3.They will indicate that it’s a fine point pen when in fact it’s point 5.Sigh!I just don’t know when and where I can find the point 3 pen that I like.

My Baby Babus’ Security Things

My baby will really seek his security towels and security gloves first before he wanted me to hug and comfort him. This is always the scene when my baby will get hurt due to his moving and discovering new things all of the time. I just don’t know why he is doing that. He really finds himself secure and safe when he will be having his towels and gloves near him. In fact, he looks so funny that whenever he will go, he tries to see to it that he is always with those things.

Life is still beautiful no matter what

It’s really true that when a door will be closed, there are windows that will be opened. If there are no doors and windows, then there will be tiny hole wherein a person can breathe and appreciate life. Through that hole, that person will then receive gifts and graces from God. By it, he can continue living even if things are just enough. No matter what, life is still beautiful especially when God is present within the mind and heart.

Buying a domain is not enough

Right now, I’m still figuring out how to customize this blog. I’m not familiar with PHP Codes yet. The thing that I figured out is just to download additional theme for my blog. But I haven’t figured out how to edit the sidebar, the footer, etc. I edit a little on the header font. But the rest, I’m still having a hard time with it. Wish I know about this before so that from the start, I am hosting my blog. I thought having a domain is okay and that my site is safe from deletion. But buying domain is not enough. It should be web hosted. Good thing, I found and that they helped me a lot (Miss Anne & the rest of the staffs). Just got to do some experiment more as well as read. But for now, I need to do things on my other sites as there are some offers that will expire soon. I’ll just be back in here later. SIGH! Got to go for now!

Have a Web Hosting with Bluehost

When you want to have a blog with wordpress, it’s advisable that you have a web hosting so that you can do anything with it. And I suggest that you will have a web hosting with They really do have good customer support. As in, everything is the best. You can have 27 hours 7 days a week 365 days in a-year assistance. But of course, you also need to study about hosting things, like reading all the things they have on their site so that you will not be like me relying on one of their support staff namely Miss Anne. But I’m just confident with her for she said it’s better to ask though it’s kind of stupid shameful thing to ask. But there’s just no other way for me to really have my site again.

It’s so hard to start all over again with a site that’s being deleted for violation or whatsoever. So that’s why, hosting your own domain is really advisable. Right now, I’m still confused and blank. Though with a little smile for my other site is up again. But, I’m not that fine yet. I’m simply relying with Miss Anne’s assistance (THANK YOU VERY MUCH MISS ANNE).

Still relying on Miss Anne :(

This is the second day of my starting over again with this domain. I don’t still don’t know what I’m doing. I’m still relying on Miss Anne from I’m still confused with everything! I don’t know. I’m really screwed up with my site.

And I’m afraid to encounter same problem with my other site, I attempted to host it. But during my setup, I figured out how to host it. The problem is my old posts can’t be opened to its original links. So I decided to change to its normal settings, like changing to its original NS and delete the things I made in my web host. Right now, it’s still not back yet. I’m waiting for Miss Anne again to help me. Sigh! I’m really worried with these two sites right now. SIGH! I don’t know what to do!

Back to Nothing :(

I’m really messed up right now. I’m back to zero. My blog is being deleted. Well, I can’t blame them for it’s their system. I really cried for I don’t know what to do. Good thing really help me a lot most specially Miss Anne. Thank you very much for the support. If not because of you, I can’t make my site again, though I need to start over. Sigh!

Right now, I’m sending tickets to CS of some companies informing them that my site is down and I can’t access the whole thing anymore. It’s really very sad. It’s beyond my control. And I don’t know what to do with it. I’m back to nothing. As you can see, this is my first post. I made several test hours ago and it’s visible because of the help of Miss Anne from and of course for the rest of the people there most especially the tech guys.

I’m still confused! My mind is blank! Seems I lost a very special part of me that I can’t recover anymore! Sigh! Crying!