I’m hoping I’ll be productive again!

I’m not really productive from May until this moment. I’m just customizing my sites and adding some widgets. I’m hoping that one of these days I’ll be having my eagerness in doing what’s needed to be done. I don’t know, I guess this is the effect of what’s happening to me last month. I’m hoping that I’ll get over it. Besides it’s not really bad for I learned so many things. Also, that thing leads me to helping my friends securing their site so that they will not experience things like what I’ve encountered. Sigh! I’m just crossing my fingers that I’ll be back to my productive life since my birthday is fast approaching. And instead of me giving something to myself, I’m planning to send something to my family. Sigh!

This is from my Everdearest Friend – Hyde

This is the rosary that’s being given by my friend Hyde from Canada. I thought it will not reach here just like what my mother sent to me last February. But I guess Canada and USA mails are okay. I’m so thankful for my friend in sending me this for I really need one. With what my mother sent me, I don’t know where did those things went right now. Those were luminous crucifixes and rosaries but it’s nowhere to be found. Anyway, with this rosary, it’s really very nice. And I do appreciate for my friend Hyde sending me this one. Take note, this is also blessed by a priest in St Therese Shrine in Canada. I’ll take care of this as long as I’m still alive! Thanks my friend Hyde! Hope you’ll be blessed with everything that you are longing for, for yourself and for your family.

My funny blog description

I don’t know what’s happening to my blog description. Every time I will open it in Firefox, the result would be this way. When I’m using Internet Explorer, it will just be fine and will look normal. Hmmm, I don’t know what to do with it. I adjusted everything already and still Firefox will detect my blog description like that. Would it mean that I will delete my description to make it look normal? Well, I’ll try to do it I guess and I’ll see the result. For now, I’ll just post t his one.

Trying to take a picture of the flying plane

This is one of my photo shots during the time my baby and I were out at the yard. Well, that’s the only easy way to unwind after having been inside the house for so long. Smiles! I know I’m not a good photographer. In fact, I just love the imperfections of my photographs. At least I know how to push the buttons and that’s it. Smiles! In this picture, I just want to take a picture of the flying plane but I forgot to zoom out my camera so this is the result. GEEE!

The other theme that I customized

This is the other theme that I customized here last May 26, 2008. I said that I will post it soon but since I’m very busy with doing important tasks that’s the reason why I just posted it today. Well, this is another month of this site as well and it’s my first post here for this month of June. I’m glad, confident and secure with this site of mine now that I web hosted this one. I was feeling so down after experiencing that horrible deletion of this blog. Anyway, going back to this theme, I like this one for the color is my favorite – blue. But I prefer to have the latter one to have a change. And beside my present theme has a combination of blue as well for I did customize its font colors. Well, to end, thanks so much to those who created these free themes. It’s really very nice!

Fallin Leaves Theme for now

Now that I can customize my CSS and anything on my theme editor, I can’t stay longer in using one theme. In fact, I changed my theme again last night. I don’t know if I’ll try another theme since customizing everything most especially the fonts are of so much fun. I really enjoyed it. And I’m planning to make my own theme someday somehow (or maybe it’s just a dream/fantasy). Well, who knows! Well, for now, I’ll just post this one in memory of this fallen leaves theme. Actually, I did customize two themes last night. I will post the other one later.

Sterling Rosary with Swarovski Crystal Squa

Today, I’m looking for a Catholic Store here in our place for I need to buy a rosary. And I happened to browse aquinasandmore.com. There are lots of rosaries to choose from. But the one that really surprised me is their Sterling Silver Rosary with Swarovski Crystal Squa. You want to know the price? It’s just $403.25! Huh! Great! It’s really very nice and it’s worth keeping for life. It says that it has the Sterling Crucifix and Sterling Miraculous Medal. And it has a gift deluxe box. The Swarovski crystal beads are cubed shaped and measures 8mm. Everything in it is finely crafted. Whew! That’s really very nice. Oh the crucifix measures 2 ¼ inches. The whole length of the rosary is 25 ½ inches. What you think? Isn’t it great? Well, I will accept one if you will buy one for me! Smiles! Joke! Well, really, this is one of the things that are worth buying and keeping forever!

My Present Theme

This is my present theme for my blog. I just customized its background color, since I’m a blue fanatic so I changed it to blue. I’m just making sure to make a screen shot of this one just in case, I will change theme in the coming days. At least, I’ll be having some memory. Actually, this is my second theme. I wasn’t able to capture screen shot of my first theme after having my new site. Hmmm, let me think. I guess this is my third theme. For Miss Anne put the theme I had with my old blog. Then, I customize it with another and this one. Yes, this is the 3rd template that I have. Anyways, be posting this now.

Chance to post; I thought they will give

It’s been a long time that I haven’t posted in here. But today, I have the chance to post a little thing with my ever dearest blog. I thought I’ll be having a page ranking even just one but sad to say, they didn’t give me that gift. Oh well, I’ll be blessed next time. I’m hoping they will be having a kind heart and that they will give me a page ranking in here even if it’s just page ranking one. I’ll be very grateful then if they will do so. Hmm, be posting this right now so that I can proceed with my other computer jobs.

Still up

I’m still up even if it’s very late. I wanted to finish something in order for me to earn a little more. This is the only means for me to have a little savings so that I can send something to my family next month. Well, I guess after this, I will be off to bed. And I will resume my computer work early morning, like around 9am or earlier. Life here is not easy so that’s why I’m doing this. So this is it, I’m going to post this one right now so that I can put myself to a little rest for the night.