Authentic MK Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

Authentic MK Michael Kors Crossbody Bag FREE SHIPPING
Original Price: $228.00
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Color: Acorn (similar to brown color)
Material: Leather

This is so Beautiful!

2 top zipper closures
middle snap closure with 6 card slots, and 3 pockets
1 back packet

Height: about 6 1/2″
Width: about 8 3/4″

This is a pretty #MichaelKors #MK Crossbody

*From smoke free and pet free environment
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10.2 High pollen today in Co Springs – arghhh

I am sneezing the whole day and the reason is the high pollens around my place. According to the pollen today Sunday May 7 2017 is as high as 10.5. That is due to the pollens from maple, elm and juniper. OMG, when can I be friends with these tree pollens huh! When I was new living in the springs, I have lots of immunity against these pollens. But after living in the US for more than 10 years, I don’t have immunity anymore. Why oh why?

Sometimes it is hard to be positive but I need to

God is life and life is God. I should be happy because I am still alive and I can still do things for my families. Sometimes, I find it hard to be positive whenever I will think of my finances (but I need to). Until now I am still recovering it. [Read more…]

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First day of spring today

It’s first day of spring and I still not feeling okay due to some allergies, sneezing, slight cough, fever and colds. I took lots of meds already and I use spray in my nose. I hope to feel better soon. Though, I am thankful that my two kiddos are now okay after they had what I have right now. Anyway, God heals.

Note: Screenshot photo from face book dot com

Authentic #Coach Signature File Bag F58297 – Free Shipping

New w/Tags Authentic #Coach Signature File Bag F58297 – Free Shipping
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It is brand new #AuthenticCoach Signature File Bag F58297with tag
Size: 11 3/4″ (L) x 10 1/4″ (H) x 2″ (W)
Long strap with 21 1/2″ drop for shoulder or #crossbody wear
Zip-top closure, fabric lining Inside zip, cell phone and multi-function pockets

This bag is large and it’s beautiful!

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Thank you! More blessings and prosperity!

Lion’s head – Kennon Road, Baguio, Philippines

This is the lion’s head in Kennon Road. You can pass this thing on the major highway in going to Baguio City Philippines. I miss seeing this one when I first visited Baguio as the bus that I rode passed at the Marcos Highway. Anyway, this photo was from my cousin who visited the summer capital of the Philippines, like last year. This Lion’s head was newly painted as the color of this thing before was different.


Authentic COACH KYRA SIGNATURE TOTE F18855 – Pre-owned
*few stains
*few scratches
All in all this is a beautiful TOTE
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Active Wear Sweat Jacket XL Regular
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Congratulations to the new Miss International 2016 – Kylie Verzosa – Miss International Philippines

OMG! Thank you God for the winning of #KylieVerzosa for the #MissInternational2016. Even if I don’t have sleep today, but I am so happy for her winning. And before the emcees announced the winner I knew it already that she will win. I even posted it in my wall that she’s the winner before the announcement and I was not mistaken. Her speech was so clear. Thank you God for the winning of Kylie Verzosa. Congratulations Girl!