Elizabeth Durado Clenci for the win

Hope Elizabeth Durado Clenci will win the MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL this year. it will be a huge blessings for her as well as a blessing to the whole country Philippines. She has the talent and she has ambition of touching peoples’ hearts as well as travel the world. And being a winner will be a stepping stone for her in fulfilling her ambition in life. To know more of her, do check the miss grand international link – http://www.missgrandinternational.com/?page=contestant_detail&cont=1611.

Photo from Miss Grand International Page

Better offer for Alisah Bonaobra

It sucks to now that Alisah Bonaobra was not taken to the next level. She deserves better in life. I hope she will be taken as wild card in this year’s #XFactorUK2017. She can sing more and she deserves the best offers in life. She needs to have a mentor in the music industry for her dreams to come true. If there is just one person who can help her make it big in the music industry, then, she can show her God given talent to the entire world. She has the potential. It’s just ONE OFFER, JUST ONE OFFER FOR HER to change her life. And thanks to that person who has a big heart to offer a spot for her in the music industry as she’s a very talented person. Oh dear God, send just one angel for #AlisahBonaobrascareer.

Alisah Bonaobra may God protects you in your X Factor UK journey

Thank you so much oh God for protecting Alisah Bonaobra in her X Factor UK journey. It is her another chance, and I am praying that you will continue in protecting her so that she can win this year’s episode. Please guide her as she’s been through a lot already and you know that she’s doing her best not just for herself but she’s doing it for her entire family. She is a beautiful girl with the best talent that you’ve entrusted her. Please be with her in this contest. Thank you.

Invent the future you like

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. – Alan Kay

If this quote is true, then I must invent the most beautiful future I can imagine so that I can have it at the right time. Of course, I also need to work smart in order to find a way to have that future that I love most. With faith in God and positivity, all is well.

Gymboree Little Girls’ School Uniform Polo Dress

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Nuskin Nu Skin Ap-24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste

Hope it will arrive soon

I am requesting my own PayPal Master Card Debit Card so that I will not be transferring money from one account to another. I hope I can control my own spending with my hard earned salary. I just need this so that I can use it directly in paying for the things that I need to pay. God provides, I do believe in it. Anyway, I am looking forward to receiving my card soon.

Simple tips in buying used cars

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This post is about buying a used car. When you are on a budget, and you are looking for quality used car, you need to read this simple post. These things are just basic tips when you are looking to buy a used car. Surely, you already have the make of the car that you love. Right? Whatever that is, probably this is the car maker that you love for a long time. Along with that, you perhaps have the body style of the vehicle that you ‘really’ love to buy. With the car make and the model that you have in mind, the first thing you need to do is to do a research about it. It would not take most of your time when doing some readings or watching videos about your favorite vehicles. After knowing the facts about your favorite car, you need to compare the prices. From one dealer to another, you have to compare it so that you can have the best price of the vehicle that you can afford. Another thing is that you need to know the mileage. When the vehicle is low mileage, you know what it means. Low mileage vehicle means the owner is using it minimally. Mostly, vehicles with low mileage are still in best condition.

With everything, you need to visit a website that has everything about any cars in the market today. One of these websites is cars.com. This site is so notable with everything that it features. It has the car maker from A to Z. In this site, you can read, review (good or bad) as cars.com will show everything. You can also watch informative videos if you prefer to.

To sum up, everything is your choice! Do extensive research about the cars that you want to buy. Take your time in purchasing your vehicle. And do consider using cars.com for your used car or new car purchases.

Cf,Md,Ms,Ss,Mmc,Sdhd Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material)

Cf,Md,Ms,Ss,Mmc,Sdhd Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material)
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Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW
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*18 slots for SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, SONY memory sticks Pro Dou/Mini SD or MicroSD (in Adapter)
*4 slots for CF cards/SmartMedia/MicroDrive or Ninetendo DS Games
COLOR: pretty green
Size: approximately 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″

Water Repellent/Anti-static inner material
This will keep your CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, and SDHD safe from dust and dirt.
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