Lost my important bookmarks

I arranged my Firefox version 3.6.18 yesterday (decided to go back with the older version the other day). Everything was on its corresponding folders already. The one that’s visible on my toolbar was the companies that I love visiting many times in a day together with my blogs which were active in the blogosphere. Now, I was also trying the Firefox Aurora version 6 something (which I wrote on my other blog). And last night, I want to uninstall it. Before uninstalling it asked me if I need to delete all the details I saved in there. So, I chose the Yes button with me forgetting that my older version of Firefox was the same information with my Firefox Aurora. ARGHH!

When I woke up today, I asked myself where all my data went. It’s then I remembered that I deleted it all last night together with my Firefox Aurora. Too bad I can’t recover all of my bookmarked websites and all! Sigh!

Right now my browser is back to zero and I am trying to recover all of my important data, etc. Sigh!