Graves injury attorneys definitely know what they’re doing

Graves injury attorneys saved my life. No, that’s a bit dramatic. They didn’t save my life but they probably saved my business. Wait, they definitely saved my business. You the way that I originally structured my business here in the State of Florida was completely wrong. Without getting into too much detail I was paying about 20% too much in taxes per year because of the corporate structure. And before you yell at me through your computer screen I agree, my CPA definitely should have caught this huge error.

Even though, yes, my CPA should have caught the problem they didn’t. And over a few drinks with a friend as I drowned my sorrows he told me that I had to call an acquaintance of his over at the Graves Law Firm. He told me that the first visit and consultation would obviously be free. He kept needling me all night until I promised him on Monday that I would give them a call.

And believe it or not I actually made the call. What’s more, when the receptionist picked up the phone and I told her my name she said that my friend Ryan told them I would call. He’s a sneaky little devil. The moral of the story is, don’t just take your old CPA’s advice as scripture. Get out there, think outside the box, and really get some professional help. It will be worth it. Remember attorneys know that you can’t keep them on retainer if your business goes belly up.