Expressing oneself through body jewelry and the like

Every person is different from each other. There are some who are conservatives while others want to express themselves more through body art, like tattoos, unique hair styles, unique clothing styles, and unique shoes. Other person will choose to wear noticeable make-ups and others love to wear Body Jewelry. For them showing their unique personality through body art is some sort of fulfillment in life. They do not care about what other people will think for as long as they can express themselves that will be the best thing in their lives.

In addition, I personally know persons who love to express themselves uniquely. I have many cousins who are into body art and who love to use body jewelry. New generations accepted them easily but the old folks question all of likes and their actions. These cousins of mine will always give reasons but old folks would stick on their old beliefs in which these fashionable cousin will insist that there is nothing wrong with expressing themselves in that way. Choosing different arts and different styles would not mean they are bad or something. It is just an indication that they know how to express themselves in a way that will always comfort them and they would feel proud of themselves.