Code word

Author: Joseph Sandoval

I am sure that for those of you that have small children you have heard experts suggest that you have a safe place on your property where if there was an emergency everyone would know to meet. Have you also heard the newest suggestion to have a code word for your family? They say that some children don’t know to discriminate between people that they know and trust, such as a family member or close friend of the family, and a complete stranger. When my children were small we decided to come up with a code word for them to remember. They knew that we have friends and family coming over to the house all the time to visit but only a few of them knew the code word and were allowed to come pick up my children in case of emergency. My kids all knew the word and every once in a while I would quiz them on when it was appropriate to use it. After getting an Anchorage home security installed on my home I still use that same code word for my alarm system.