Vintage Brandon Thomas Leather Jacket Size S

Vintage Brandon Thomas Leather Jacket Size S
Beautiful Leather Jacket
Fresh and Clean
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Hot deals for father’s day

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Authentic #Coach Signature File Bag F58297 – Free Shipping

New w/Tags Authentic #Coach Signature File Bag F58297 – Free Shipping
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It is brand new #AuthenticCoach Signature File Bag F58297with tag
Size: 11 3/4″ (L) x 10 1/4″ (H) x 2″ (W)
Long strap with 21 1/2″ drop for shoulder or #crossbody wear
Zip-top closure, fabric lining Inside zip, cell phone and multi-function pockets

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White dress for baptism

I bought a white dress late last night for the baptism of my daughter but then I opted to ask for a refund coz I remember that I can have lots of choices at Burlington coach factory. And today, I’ll drive in district 20 and go to Chapel Hills so that I can bring my daughter and so that she can fit the dress before buying it. I hope that my purchase will be refunded as soon as possible. But I can wait for it though.

Freebies from VS

This was the freebies I got from Victoria Secret last September. Last November I have several coupons but I wasn’t able to redeem the two freebies. I still have two left but I gave it to one of my customers who ordered their address labels from me. I have one left and I will give this to the person who ordered another label today. I do believe that the more I will give the more that I will receive. [Read more…]

Good source of white gold jewelry

Have you found a great source for white gold jewelry, but are you not sure if you want to buy it because you do not know if it is going to match with the other jewelry that you already own? Having everything work together is important. It makes it easier to plan your outfits, and it ensures that you will still get use out of your old jewelry; you will not feel like you need to put it aside in favor of the new items. The beauty of white gold is that it really does work with almost anything else. It still has the soft glow that gold seems to carry, so it can go with yellow gold. In fact, you will find that many pieces of jewelry use both white and yellow gold together already. White gold also matches with sterling silver almost perfectly. Unless someone has studied the two, they may not be able to tell them apart. As far as stones and colors are concerned, the white gold will also work with nearly any color, giving that perfect little accent point that you are looking for. The rise in popularity of white gold is due, in large part, to the way that it works with almost everything that people own already. It looks great with any outfit. This makes it a very flexible type of jewelry that can be worn frequently. This is especially important for something like a wedding ring, which is worn every single day.


Will mail it today

Oh, I need to go out today because I need to mail the bag that was bought by my buyer last Saturday. I hope it will reach at the end of my buyer the soonest possible time and I can have a good rating with this product. I hope to sell more in the coming days (with God’s blessings).

I want to win

I do love this website – DealDash. Do you want to know the reason why? Okay, I do love this site because I can easily bid on the products that I want and need in a low price. Even if I did not win anything yet, but I am hoping that in the coming days, I will have my chance to win. I know I will be lucky enough then. More things are good in this site. Now, if you are interested and if you are curious might as well check it. When you do, I know you will get shocked with the amazing product prices.

Natural Cosmetics and Skin Care products

Beautiful women always do take good care of themselves. They love to pamper their own selves with just any beauty enhancing products, like cosmetics and skin care. These women know what they are eyeing for in order for them to look more exquisite. They want to enhance their God given loveliness in any possible ways all the time.

Now, are you one of these women who want to look beautiful, attractive, and super sexy always? If you are, what type of cosmetics and skin care products do you purchase? Do you have any particular favorite brands? Would you love to consider echo-friendly natural beauty products?

You know that there are many brands of beauty products in the market these days but there are few which have the natural ingredients. One brand that uses the natural ingredients is Tarte Cosmetics and that is from Tarte’s Mascara & Eye Makeup, to Complexion Treatments, this company use the natural ingredients only.

Therefore, when you will buy Tarte’s Cosmetics and Skin Care products you know that you are using all naturals, which are not harmful to your skin mostly when you are using it on your face and around your eyes. Remember one of the assets of yours is your eyes and so when you will use Tarte’s waterproof mascara, eyeliners, and other products you know that you are using natural ingredients which are also echo-friendly. There are many benefits in using natural cosmetics and you already know about that. Therefore, the next time you will buy your beauty regimens, do not forget to look for this brand, or better yet, visit them at and see for yourself the wonder of all the natural ingredients used.

New baby for my new online ventures

I made a new site for my new ventures of selling special goodies online. One of the photos that I want to post is this one. I already started fixing it but then I stopped for a while because I need to do some important things first. I will just get back to the new baby of mine right after I have enough free time to fix codes and all.