Saint Jude – Patron of Hopeless Cases

As a Roman Catholic, I do believe in Saints. I am not kneeling and praying to them. Instead, I am asking that they will help me lift my prayers and my needs to Father God, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit. This coin reminds me to ask help from St. Jude – the Patron of Hopeless Cases – “seems as though there is no hope, Saint Jude, please help me cope!”


I didn’t know that churches here in springs will close when there is no mass. I thought it will be like in PH wherein churches and adoration chapels are open all of the time until evening. And there are also some churches that will open for 24 hours. Anyway, I will be searching for a church which will have a mass during afternoon or evening as this is only my free time. And I am hopeful that there will be a Catholic church here that will be open even if there is no mass, like it will be open for those church goers who will visit the church, pray, light a candle, or just stay inside the church for a while as church is one comforting place to visit.