Is it really included?

It is so nice to see ads from real estate companies and real estate agents. Usually, it has the photo of the house with the amenities and the surroundings with the floor plan. It also has price and the options for payment. But the funny thing that I have noticed is that there is a picture of the car. I know it is just a sign that the owner of the property can park their car there but there is something in my mind in which I am asking “is that car or SUV in the package of that house and lot?” He-he, just kind of goofy sometimes and it’s nice to laugh even if the joke is not a joke at all. Nyahaha!

Consider the Benefits of Living in a Luxury Ski Town

There are many beautiful and awe inspiring locations in which to purchase a permanent or vacation residence, so why should you search the Park City MLS listings versus the Vail, Colorado, listings? Maybe you were thinking of a nice tropical location instead. Well, take a moment and read on about the fabulous perks that can be found in Park City and the surrounding areas.

Winter Wonderland

The flakes fall and land softly on the mounds of snow that have already formed outside. You are sitting by a fire wrapped up in a soft, downy blanket reading the latest best seller. The slopes will be full of powder tomorrow as you deftly glide down the mountain. If downhill skiing is not your cup of tea you can choose to enjoy the powder by cross country skiing along the miles of trails available in Park City. In fact, you can just about cross country ski from your home almost all the way to the market. Oh, and don’t forget the Sundance Film Festival that permeates Park City every year. Culture and celebrities galore. Talk about winter wonderland.

Off-Season Dreams

Just because the snow melts does not mean that the beauty and tranquility fades away with it. The off-season in Wasatch County is just as amazing as the typical in season. As the snow melts it gives way to the purple, yellow, and orange wild flowers that give beauty to the pristine hikes that range in difficulty from easy to moderate to hard. You can also enjoy the scenery and get your exercise while mountain biking. Don’t forget the multiple art events that take place all summer long. The best part of the area is the fact that the temperature is cooler than the surrounding areas because it is nestled in the high mountains.

Surrounding Areas

As you navigate the Park City MLS listings you will also see that while Park City is a place of its own, it is also in close proximity to many other fabulous surrounding areas which boast benefits as well. Salt Lake City is only 20 minutes away with its international airport, Moab and the Arches National Park are within a day’s drive, and much more. Overall, it is a perfect place to live or visit often.