When to Have Your Family Photographed

One of the best ways to document your life is through photography. Memories tend to fade as time goes on, and photos are one of the best ways to remember your past. Additionally, your future children and grandchildren will love to look back at your photos to see what you were like and what life was like in general. Of course, it is a great idea to keep a camera around to catch everyday scenarios and situations. However, it is also a good idea to have professional photos taken on occasion to document important life events and milestones. Continue reading for ideas about which life events to document professionally, or visit www.davidjstudios.com.


Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, especially for your family. Be sure to document as many of the wedding events as possible. This includes having engagement photos taken so that your children can see you as a couple before you said “I do.” Additionally, having a photographer at the rehearsal dinner as well as the ceremony and reception is helpful for capturing the whole event.

New Additions to the Family

After your wedding, you and your spouse will most likely begin adding new members to the family. It is important to document each addition. Whether these new additions come in the form of babies or even family pets, they are an important part of your life! Mothers often like to have several different photography sessions when they are expecting a new baby. These sessions can include photos for baby announcements, maternity photos, and then newborn pictures. Additionally, some mothers also like to have a photographer document the birth as well.

Yearly Photos

Yearly photos are a great way to document your family in every stage of life. They can capture changes such as aging, hairstyles, clothing styles, etc., over time. Yearly photos are an especially great idea once you begin to have children, as children grow and change so quickly. Even if you opt out of having yearly family pictures, it is a good idea to have yearly photos taken of your child. Of course, once they begin school, they will have yearly photos taken at school. Visit www.davidjstudios.com to learn more about getting your family pictures taken.