Help Your Helpers: Tips for Giving Back to Veterans

Veterans of the armed services of the United States have done a lot for our country. If you’re like most people, you naturally assume the government will take care of all of their needs once they come back onto American soil. The truth is that many veterans simply don’t have the support they need in ther own country.

There’s a whole lot you can do for the veterans in your own country though. Best of all, you don’t have to empty your savings or make a huge sacrifice to make a difference. Use this guide to learn more about doing something positive for the veterans that need your help in this country.

Clear Your Pantry

If you’re like a lot of people in the United States, you spend time at the end of the year clearing out your closet, common spaces and areas like the pantry. While it might be hard to believe, many veterans simply don’t have enough food to eat during the holidays and through the rest of the year.

Many veterans don’t even have enough money or opportunities to earn money for their families. That can be very stressful and difficult for strong veterans who have small children and family members who can’t take care of themselves.

Take the time to clear your pantry of canned foods and non-perishable items. Veterans need food to care for their families, and even a single paper grocery bag full can go a very long way.

Donate Cash

Organizations that support veterans of the US armed services often don’t have enough money to really fund all of the programs they try to offer. Over time, this can lead to these services having to shut down or not getting money from the government. That’s a double-edged sword when organizations are just trying to help veterans that need it.

Giving even just a few dollars to an organization in your area can make a big difference in a veterans life. Best of all, you can write a check and feel good about helping people that need it this year without too much effort.


Veteran aid organizations often need help to implement the programs that veterans need. If you have more time than money, or if you just want to help out in person, you can call and ask what organizations need.

Something as simple as helping hand out clothing or gifts could be essential in your area.

How To Stay Informed On Current Events

It seems like there are thousands of sources for information on current events, but what many people wind up being exposed to are actually on other’s opinions about those events. Websites beckon people to “click here to get the latest information,” and they are taken to an editorial page instead.

Reading the opinions of others can be helpful in understanding a situation, but each person should do their best to stay informed with good and reliable information. You can use the opinions of others and real facts to formulate your own opinions, and stay up to date on the latest information.

Read More Than One News Source

You may have heard about news outlets having agendas that they are trying to push on the public, and that may or may not be true. But if you get your information from a variety of reputable news outlets, then you can start to see the facts for what they really are. Even if a news website tries to put a spin on information, you can still get to the core of the issue by getting your information from a variety of sources.

Be Sure To Separate Editorials From Informational Articles

Editorial pieces have their place in helping you to understand current events, but they should not be confused with informational articles based on reporting news. As you gather your information, always separate the information offered in editorials from the information reported in news pieces. The opinions of others are much more valuable once you have taken in the facts about a story as well.

Always Question What You Read

Remember that there are always two sides to every debate, and the truth can be found at some point in the middle. If you are reading something that seems incorrect to you, then do some further research and educate yourself on the topic. You may not reach the level of an expert, but you will be informed enough to be content in your own opinion.

The Internet allows anyone to publish their opinions on current events, and too many people take those opinions to be facts. If you would like to be informed and be able to create your own opinion, then take the time to read a variety of editorials on a particular subject, and then compare those editorials to the facts you have uncovered.