Thoughts about Money

I gave more than what I earn for my families without saying I bought this and that. I shared more than what I earned. I tried to shoulder needs of others, and I am the one who is burned to pay it.

Money is from God, and I am just a steward of this energy here on earth. I shared it too much that’s why I have huge debts to these days.

I am learning each day to handle money again. I am asking God to help me handle it so that I can be a good steward of his wealth while I am still here on earth.

I know that one way of handling money is to share it with others (families, friends, and charities). The thing that I need most is to open myself to receive more, and when I receive more, I need ways on how to multiply it even more so I can be a blessing to my families, friends and to the people that I want to help. Oh dear God!

In taking care of your new born baby

When you are a parent of a newborn baby, you should make it sure that your child is healthy all the time. But in this time of year, you cannot avoid that your baby will experience health concerns such as newborn sneezing, colds, and the like. With all of the airborne irritants, common colds, and flu viruses, you have to make sure that you can protect your baby from all of these health concerns.

You have to make it a point that you will bring your baby to the pediatrician with complete immunizations. Another thing is that you’ve got to read good stuff about how to take care of your newborn. One of the sites that are a must-read for parents is this This site is so informative as it has comprehensive information when it comes to taking care of newborn babies. So, when you are a parent, might as well, check this website out and learn more tips in taking care of your precious baby.

Being a mother is awesome

When I was pregnant with my first baby, everything was prepared. And that’s from the room, crib, towels, blankets, shoes, clothes, diaper bags, cloth diapers, and all. Before my baby’s arrival, I also had a baby shower hosted by my nurses who helped me had my medicines for six months. They brought some cakes for me and lots of gifts for my baby. I was surprised that time because it was my first time of experiencing a baby shower. My first pregnancy was so amazing for my baby and for me.

With my second pregnancy, it was so reverse. From carrying my baby for 9 months and all was totally different. But I was thankful that my 2nd baby was so healthy. Even if she didn’t have all the things that she needs, but no need to worry since she’s using the things that her brother had. Oh I mean the things that a girl can use, like all those white clothes, and other things that were okay for her to wear.

All in all, being a mother is so awesome. And I love my kids forever since they are the best thing that ever happened to me. They are God’s gift to me! I am so thankful to have them both!

Great savings with Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being healthy is one of the most important things in life. There are many ways to stay healthy. When a person is healthy, it would also mean that she/he is fit with beauty.

For me, one ways of being healthy is to relax and have some massage from a good local saloon. And here in my place the one that I love to experience is this “60-Minute Swedish Relaxation Massage with Optional Detox Foot Bath at Natural Therapeutics“. Usually, I will have to read reviews about certain services of a particular company and this place has 834 of which these reviews were mostly five star ratings from their customers. All of these customers were satisfied with what they experienced and even recommended particular persons of whom they liked best. But when I searched for the price, it’s kind of high for my budget. Oh, it’s just fine! In order for me to experience these natural therapeutics massage, I visited Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons and I am blessed to see discount of up to 42% off regular price. So instead of paying $65, I will just be paying $39. Isn’t that amazing thing to have? I am thrilled with this low Groupon offer that I found today. I will be sharing this with my friends so that we can visit this place together. This will be the perfect so called “Me Time” for mothers like me and my friends. I am sure they love to enjoy this Swedish relaxation massage. This will be our friendship goal and get together this week.

How about you? Do you love to pamper yourself by having a so called ‘Me Time’ in your favorite Spa and Massage place?

White dress for baptism

I bought a white dress late last night for the baptism of my daughter but then I opted to ask for a refund coz I remember that I can have lots of choices at Burlington coach factory. And today, I’ll drive in district 20 and go to Chapel Hills so that I can bring my daughter and so that she can fit the dress before buying it. I hope that my purchase will be refunded as soon as possible. But I can wait for it though.

Inspiring love story of KimSheng – #KimSioco and #SherazSigalat

I seldom post tagalog stories and other love stories. But the story of this girl named Sheraz is so inspiring. Hope her relationship with Kim Sioco will last more than a lifetime! More blessings to this couple!

Source: Sheraz.Sigalat
Photos: From Sheraz Sigalat FB

5 YEARS AGO…. I’m just your typical STALKER 😭😭 🙈🙈🙈 2011.. followers mo lang ako 😔😔 tamang stalk and follower mo lang ako kasi i found you & your ex cute, itago natin sa initial na “D”, you & your ex had that famous videos that shows there how did you court her, kung gano niyo ka mahal isa’t isa grrrr 😡😡 jk haha . So inshort famous kayong dlwa 😈😈😈 tapos may time na pag nagbebreak kayo pinipm kita, kasi nga crush na crush kita. 🙊🙊 dumating sa point na kuñare wrong sent ako sayo hahahahaha, pero para machat lang kita nun syempre di ko alam sasabihin ko pag chinat kita pag nag “hi” ako syempre matic “hello” lang ssbhn mo so nag wrong sent wrong sent ako kuñare para humaba usapan hahahaha. Tapos after ilang weeks naging kayo ult, tapos nag ka boyfriend ako. 😀😬😬 tapos lumipas ang 2 yrs, 2013 nag bago ka ng gf itago natin sa initial na “C” 😩😩 and ako may boyfriend na ko ng stable nun so nawalan na ko ng pag asa hahaah. nanahimik na ko. 2015, nagbreak kami inistalk ulit kita nakita ko inunfriend mko 😭😭😭 sadlyf. 4 yrs na kitang crush but still hoping… Hopia kumbaga hahaha 😂😂😂 pero nagkakalabuan na kayo ng ex mo non so nagkapagasa ako hanggang sa nagbreak kayo ng tuluyan. chinat ult kta sbe ko “bat mko inunfriend” hahaha hanggang sa nagkwento ka sken na nagbreak kayo ganto ganyan hahaha ako si tanga todo advice kahit deep inside “yessssss nagbreak sila! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈” hahahahaha tas naging kayo ult 😩😩😩. So, to cut the long story short. Dumating ang 2016!!!!! 😬😬 wala na talaga kayo. Hanggang sa nagusap na tayo ganern ganern. Natutuwa ako kasi kachat ko na yung crush ko. Kahit chat lang masaya na ko…. Hanggang sa tumagal nag meet tayo. Hanggang sa nainlove kana sakin ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ako kasi 5 yrs ago pa inlove na sayo hahaha. So ayun nag getting to know each other. Dumating sa point na aayaw na ko kasi sa tingin ko rebound mo lang ako & sa mga nalaman ko. pero hindi pala. And here we are now!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I’m your official girlfriend. Eto ka ngayon, “5 YEARS KONG CRUSH BOYFRIEND KO NA NGAYON” 😍😍😍😍😍 i just can’t imagine na sobrang crush at iniistalk ko lang ngayon, BOYFRIEND KO NA! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻sobrang saya ko sobrang overwhelmed kasi crush ko 5 years na minamahal na ko ng sobra ngayon!!! Hays… I love you! Thank you for everything thank you sa surprise!! 💋💋💋 I love you my forever crush! I love you crush since 2011!!! And until now heheheh. I love you BOYFRIEND i love you KIM SIOCO! 💋💋💋😘😘😘😘😘 OFFICIAL du30 couple tayo haha. ❤️❤️❤️ Hwag ka magsasawa sakin ha? Love you mylove! >:D< Love, your cute sexy hot gorgeous STALKER, FOLLOWER and now GIRLFRIEND. ❤️❤️💘💘💋 — with Kim Sioco.

Homemade ice cream with cuisinart yogurt & sorbet maker – Yum

This is a homemade ice cream with the Cuisinart pure indulgence 2qt ice cream frozen yogurt & sorbet maker. This ice cream maker contains at least 2qt, brushed metal finished, and in just 25 minutes or more you can have your own homemade ice cream. My husband bought this ice cream maker because our son has food allergies and so we want to make our own ice cream. Gladly, this vanilla homemade ice cream tasted yummy!

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Opening A Franchise Business

When you buy a franchise, you’re basically buying another company’s business model. And because the model is tried and tested, buying into a franchise means there’ll be less risk in getting started. If you’ve never started or owned a business before, then buying into a franchise can be a wise move. Here are 5 reasons why opening a franchise business is better than going at it alone.

1. Instant recognition.

You won’t have to start from scratch building your brand and recognition if you open a franchise. Being associated with a well-known brand can bring your business an instant stream of customers. Building a customer base can take years to happen – if it happens at all. But buying into a franchise means that your business can leverage off a steady supply of customers who already trust your brand. For example, buying into a Coral Homes franchise means that you can take advantage of their image and reputation in the home building niche. Businesses need customers like people need air. By owning a franchise you can be sure of your daily supply.

2. The formula works.

In general, franchises have lower failure rates than start-up businesses. Why? Well, when operating a franchise business, you’ll be working with proven methods and strategies. This can take out most of the guesswork, and limit the risk in opening a new business. If you’ve never started a business before then this gentle handholding can help you get your bearings in your new endeavour.

3. A wealth of knowledge.

You’re able to tap into a deep reservoir of knowledge by buying into a franchise. The franchise company can help you when setting things up for your business (such as site selection, site development, shop fittings) as well as help you with anything else you may need along the way. When you buy into a franchise, you’re buying into a network of people who can help and support you with virtually any business related question or concern you may have.

4. Established marketing channels.

Buying into a franchise also means that you’ll be buying into a brand that knows where – and how – to market itself. Apart from benefiting from group marketing efforts by the brand, owning a franchise means you’ll have access to national and targeted market research. You can then use this key information to direct your own marketing strategy. A franchise company can also help you with advertising and merchandising assistance.

5. Ongoing support.

You don’t need to have any business training or experience to open a franchise. Not only will you receive intensive initial training on running your business when you sign up for a franchise, but you’ll also receive ongoing support and training along the way. True: you may not have any business experience or acumen when you start the franchise. But you sure will after a few months or so!

Buying into a franchise is a great way to start a business. A lot of the risk and uncertainty can be eliminated by owning a part of a well-known brand, and you’ll receive constant training and support to get your business operating as profitably as possible. So what are you waiting for?

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3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Bedroom for Summer

Summer is here! The heat, the scents, the sounds of cicadas creaking through the night and the crackle of electricity, as storms leap into daily forecasts. As we roll into the sweltering months ahead, it may be tempting to close up shop, turn the aircon on and hibernate in its cooling wake, casually lazing until you must venture outside. Tempting, though highly claustrophobic! Instead of paying for comfort, open your windows, dust off the door and open the house, welcoming the season with open arms and a reinvigorated energy – the sunlight will also highlight a few areas of possible improvement, as the stark light of a summer sun is less forgiving than the depths of winter. If you’re not sure where to start, beyond the pile of dust gathering behind the lounge, spend some time renewing your bedroom and refresh its original safe haven feel. How? That’s easy.


Humans are easily infected by boredom; think about it, we cut our hair, colour it, change its shape to suit the weather, accessorise our lives and wardrobes and for what? Personality, identity and individuality. So what does your bedroom say about you? Take this opportunity to indulge in a round of bedroom Tetris, re-configuring your bed, side tables and tall boys into a new look. You may have spent time scouring bedroom design websites like , dreaming about a genius, hidden storage unit, varnished to a perfect finish; why not spoil yourself? Modern flourishes update a room faster than buying new linens – Not everybody can appreciate the 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets hiding under the bedspread, but a chest at the foot of your bed, or sneaky draws sliding out from beneath? Eye catching.

Hidden treasures

Your home is full of hidden treasures, destined to highlight your bedroom in subtle ways; from the shawl you never use, latticed with sparkling thread, to the peace flags pushed to the back of your junk cupboard, the possibilities of your already loved accoutrements will complement your colour scheme with simplicity and ease. Wait, ease? Sure. We are creatures of habit, collecting clutter that subconsciously matches our current décor, usually suiting our colour tastes and decorative interests. A barely loved vase in the china cabinet could lighten a room and play host to weekly bunches of flowers, picked from your own garden bed or from a flower market.


Speaking of flowers and gardens, it’s never too late to start, and the wonderful weather you’ll be showered with provides the perfect setting to finally get outside, green thumb at the ready. If you don’t possess said thumb, you soon will, as cultivating a flower garden is one of the more pleasing things in life, when you’re feeling a bit distracted – pottering meets constructive activity, dirty knees and lingering, summer bouquets. What’s not to love? If you’re feeling experimental, why not plant your favourite bloom in a teapot and make it a centrepiece in your bedroom? An instant lift and considerable satisfaction.

When was the last time you updated your bedroom? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and share your favourite finishing touches to make an old room pop!

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Teaching him on how to be independent

The pediatrician of my eldest son taught me how to let my kid eat meals by himself. She was asking me about the attitude of my son and if he’s still doing the same about feeding himself. I told her everything and she firmly said that I need to teach my kid to be independent as he is getting bigger already. So, these past few days, I did not feed my kid. I just remind him many timessssssssssss in a day that he needs to finish eating. And if he is having a hard time finishing the things that he needs to do, I will not reward him with his games because he is so fast with his games but he is so slow with his eating (and that includes his writing for his homeschooling).