Gymboree Little Girls’ School Uniform Polo Dress

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Vail Colorado is the 3rd most fun to retire according to MSN Money

As what I’ve read from MSN Money, there are certain places in every state that is most fun to retire with. And of course, I am living here in Colorado, so, I’ve searched for it. The list started from the high number to the first City. And I am glad that Colorado is the 3rd state that is most fun places to retire, I mean Vail Colorado. If you want to check what place in your state is fun to retire, check on the link from MSN Money –

Exploring the unknown road

One of the happiest days was this travel to the unknown road. This was one of our family travels after the field trip in Castle Rock Library. We didn’t bring a GPS or map and so we were just travelling at this road until we find the interstate high way once again. I was worried a bit coz I was the one driving but my husband said to me to keep on going. It was a tough road wherein there’s no house around. There were farms and old farm houses but that was it. Thanks God we were safe back to the right road and we were safe back home.