Alisah Bonaobra’s songs xfactoruk2017 – available in UK itunes

Okay, I want to buy the songs of Alisah Bonaobra, like the one that she sings in XFactorUK but then it’s not available in the US iTunes Store. I tried switching my country, but then it asked that I need to put more of my information. Hope anytime her songs will be available worldwide. Surely, there will be more supporters who will buy her songs from this year’s competition.

If you are in the UK, here are the links that you can visit when you want to buy her songs.

Gaming comparison site – want to try it out?

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Elizabeth Durado Clenci for the win

Hope Elizabeth Durado Clenci will win the MISS GRAND INTERNATIONAL this year. it will be a huge blessings for her as well as a blessing to the whole country Philippines. She has the talent and she has ambition of touching peoples’ hearts as well as travel the world. And being a winner will be a stepping stone for her in fulfilling her ambition in life. To know more of her, do check the miss grand international link –

Photo from Miss Grand International Page

Better offer for Alisah Bonaobra

It sucks to now that Alisah Bonaobra was not taken to the next level. She deserves better in life. I hope she will be taken as wild card in this year’s #XFactorUK2017. She can sing more and she deserves the best offers in life. She needs to have a mentor in the music industry for her dreams to come true. If there is just one person who can help her make it big in the music industry, then, she can show her God given talent to the entire world. She has the potential. It’s just ONE OFFER, JUST ONE OFFER FOR HER to change her life. And thanks to that person who has a big heart to offer a spot for her in the music industry as she’s a very talented person. Oh dear God, send just one angel for #AlisahBonaobrascareer.

Alisah Bonaobra may God protects you in your X Factor UK journey

Thank you so much oh God for protecting Alisah Bonaobra in her X Factor UK journey. It is her another chance, and I am praying that you will continue in protecting her so that she can win this year’s episode. Please guide her as she’s been through a lot already and you know that she’s doing her best not just for herself but she’s doing it for her entire family. She is a beautiful girl with the best talent that you’ve entrusted her. Please be with her in this contest. Thank you.

Chanel Boomerang that cost almost 2k?

Do you love Chanel? I am sure you do. It’s either you bought Chanel already or you are saving your money to buy at least one Chanel product. For me, I do love channel products coz it’s famous and it’s one of the luxurious item introduce in the world. I also love the quality of the product coz it’s durable. Owning one will be a great collection and a great prestige. And how about owning a Chanel boomerang that cost almost 2k? As what I’ve read in MSN (, it cost like around $1,930 as per the post of jeffreestar – I think Jeffreestar has lots of savings from younger age up to this date. Looking at the photo, I can say to myself that it is nice to save while you are still young so that you can buy just whatever you want on the present time. Go go Jeffreestar. Thanks for showing your Chanel boomerang. That’s priceless!

Photo from: Jeffreestar IG

Congratulations to the new Miss International 2016 – Kylie Verzosa – Miss International Philippines

OMG! Thank you God for the winning of #KylieVerzosa for the #MissInternational2016. Even if I don’t have sleep today, but I am so happy for her winning. And before the emcees announced the winner I knew it already that she will win. I even posted it in my wall that she’s the winner before the announcement and I was not mistaken. Her speech was so clear. Thank you God for the winning of Kylie Verzosa. Congratulations Girl!

Miss Philippines International 2016 – Kylie Verzosa

What can you say about the national costume for Kylie Verzosa? For me it is kind of elegant and it is a modern day Filipiniana. God bless her.

Note: Screenshot from youtbe livestreaming

Lisa Soberano – will she be the next Binibining Pilipinas Universe? Will she join the contest this year?

Photo credits:

I’m reading online and this is what I got right at this minute. This is about Liza Soberano a Fil-Am Girl who is born in California and now one of the famous actresses in the Philippines. She’s the choice of Miss Pia Alonso Wurtzbach – the current Miss Universe as per her tweet.

Will Lisa be the next ‪#‎BinibiningPilipinasUniverse‬? ‪Hope she will join this year’s Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant.

How To Stay Informed On Current Events

It seems like there are thousands of sources for information on current events, but what many people wind up being exposed to are actually on other’s opinions about those events. Websites beckon people to “click here to get the latest information,” and they are taken to an editorial page instead.

Reading the opinions of others can be helpful in understanding a situation, but each person should do their best to stay informed with good and reliable information. You can use the opinions of others and real facts to formulate your own opinions, and stay up to date on the latest information.

Read More Than One News Source

You may have heard about news outlets having agendas that they are trying to push on the public, and that may or may not be true. But if you get your information from a variety of reputable news outlets, then you can start to see the facts for what they really are. Even if a news website tries to put a spin on information, you can still get to the core of the issue by getting your information from a variety of sources.

Be Sure To Separate Editorials From Informational Articles

Editorial pieces have their place in helping you to understand current events, but they should not be confused with informational articles based on reporting news. As you gather your information, always separate the information offered in editorials from the information reported in news pieces. The opinions of others are much more valuable once you have taken in the facts about a story as well.

Always Question What You Read

Remember that there are always two sides to every debate, and the truth can be found at some point in the middle. If you are reading something that seems incorrect to you, then do some further research and educate yourself on the topic. You may not reach the level of an expert, but you will be informed enough to be content in your own opinion.

The Internet allows anyone to publish their opinions on current events, and too many people take those opinions to be facts. If you would like to be informed and be able to create your own opinion, then take the time to read a variety of editorials on a particular subject, and then compare those editorials to the facts you have uncovered.