NWT Pink/Black Bible Case/Cover Large

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Gymboree Little Girls’ School Uniform Polo Dress

Do you love gymboree brand? Check this Gymboree Little Girls’ School Uniform Polo Dress, Red, 4 in amazon today!

Serious training for serious writers

I was doing some research into how to possibly get into copywriting for a little extra side money when I came across a company down in Florida called American Writers and Artists Inc. Apparently they are the go-to source for quickly shortening the learning curve on this subject.

After beginning my investigation into whether or not I could realistically make some extra dough on the side I was floored to find out that not only do people make a living solely on copywriting, some even make six figures.

So naturally the cornerstone of AWAI’s courses is their “Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting”. It’s apparently the only program of its kind that gives you step-by-step instruction in one of the most lucrative fields of writing there is – direct response copywriting.

The program is designed with the goal of getting you working and making money as a professional copywriter as quickly as possible and after checking it out, it seems to do just that. They offer proven techniques for succeeding in other well-paying writing fields as too. There’s all kinds of subjects that you could do to mix it up and keep yourself excited like travel writing, resume writing, graphic design and more.

I consider myself to be at least ok at creative writing but the best part about AWAI is Yyu don’t need any writing experience to be successful in their programs. They show you the insider secrets to success in these fields… from master copywriters who use these exact secrets every day to earn six-figure incomes.

The writer’s life is a romantic one … you can live where you like, travel when and where you want, work from home with no boss, and possibly make a great deal of money as you do. If you’ve ever considered the life of a writer, check them out. You’ll be happy you did.

Valentine letters

These where the snail mails that my homeschooling kid received yesterday. In addition, today, he will be answering all of these and I will accompany him to the post office for mailing. The other day, he mailed two stuff toys but then today, he will be mailing not that fancy gifts. These will just be a token of appreciation for all the goodies that he received from other homeschooling kids’ w/n the state.

Piano lessons

I enrolled my kid in a piano school to help me mingle with other kids and other people as well develop a talent. At first he is too hesitant with joining the kids when the teacher will call every kid to get near the table. So I told him to just sit down and listen. And he did. Am sure he likes it. Now, there is one thing that I need and that is to buy a piano with at least 61 keys on it. Hope to have more funds soon!

In writing my essays

When I was in college, it’s just me who would write my essay. With it, my grades were fine because my teachers knew that I did my own work the best ways I could. All of my essays were readable enough and I still kept them so as to remind me of the good old days.

My Own

Tag funny phrases

“My crabby underwear slides at the castle!” This was the first tag funny phrase of my five year old kid. When he placed his tag reader on each word, he was laughing out loud and he said it’s so silly.