Cf,Md,Ms,Ss,Mmc,Sdhd Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material)

Cf,Md,Ms,Ss,Mmc,Sdhd Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW (Anti-static inner material)
One good way in storing all your memory cards
Carrying Wallet w/Zipper – NEW
WITH: 22 slots (8 pages)with semi-transparent frosted bag
*18 slots for SD, SDHC, MMC, XD, SONY memory sticks Pro Dou/Mini SD or MicroSD (in Adapter)
*4 slots for CF cards/SmartMedia/MicroDrive or Ninetendo DS Games
COLOR: pretty green
Size: approximately 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″

Water Repellent/Anti-static inner material
This will keep your CF, MD, MS, SD, MMC, and SDHD safe from dust and dirt.
Easy to carry.
Easy to store.
By using this wallet, you can easily find all your memory cards.
FREE USA Shipping
Good Customer Service
Thank you for your patronage! More blessings and prosperity!

Note: Decoration not inlcuded

Converting Videos From MP4 To AVI Made Easier With Movavi Video Converter

Videos in MP4 format are more suited to desktops and laptops than other devices and platforms; in fact, even while sharing such video files online, the MP4 format is given preference. There is however one pitfall of using MP4. This format is not compatible with DVD players. It is thus better to have, on standby, a tool which can help the user switch from one format to another in a jiffy. The Movavi Video Converter is one such program which comes in handy if one wants to change the format of a video file from MP4 to AVI.

The Movavi Video Converter is available for both Mac and Windows users, thus making it easier for them to convert. The conversion of formats can be completed in a few simple steps. First, the program will have to be installed on to the user’s desktop or laptop. The installation process is very simple, since all one has to do is click on the install link. The Movavi interface is user friendly, and one doesn’t have to have to expertise in the field to operate it. Once the program has been installed, click on the “Add Video” option on the left to add the video which must be converted to AVI. The best part about this program is that Movavi allows one to convert a number of videos simultaneously. In the third step, the user will have to choose the format, AVI in this case; it is even possible to do it the other way around with Movavi. Finally, the user  must select where he wants the files to be stored after the conversion. The entire process can take up to several minutes, based on the size of the file and the number of files being converted.

The Movavi MP4 to AVI Converter is not just a tool that allows one to change the format of media files, it also helps with other processing and editing techniques which were otherwise too complicated. The other features of the Movavi program include converting between more than 180 different formats, basic editing tools for videos, ripping DVDs, extracting audio clips from video, reducing the size of video files and so on. Most conversion software use a complex process while converting formats, but not Movavi which is simple enough to be operated by a child!  That is precisely why it has gained a lot of popularity; it truly is the best choice for those looking to experiment with their videos and alternate between different file formats.

I love this telecom company

I do love Tracfone these days. And I am so happy that I have learned how to use a 3G phone this year. If I only knew that the only compatible phones with Tracfone is the Verizon locked Phones, I’d probably have the most beautiful phone since last year. But it doesn’t matter, I have my iPhone 4s this year. It maybe obsolete for others but for me, this is heaven sent as I can save a lot. I don’t want to pay high monthly fee so that’s why I prefer to have Tracfone. I can surf on FB, call, play games, have internet and anything, just like the things that I always do before when I had my regular line. I am just freakin’ in love Tracfone. And I am thankful to God for this company.

Now, meet my new load of until 2018. Whoahaaaaa!

Do you like the new face book LIKE emotion icon (emoti-con)?

These are the new emotion icons in face book or let me say face book like emotion icons. It is kind of fun though. But really, if it is okay for me not to be online in face book, I will do it. But then I have some business to do and so I need to be present in face book every day. But I have to choose the news feeds that I want to see and I just love to see positive ideas and positive things to help me have a positive day.

But do you like the new face book like emotion icon or FB like emoti-con?

How To Stay Informed On Current Events

It seems like there are thousands of sources for information on current events, but what many people wind up being exposed to are actually on other’s opinions about those events. Websites beckon people to “click here to get the latest information,” and they are taken to an editorial page instead.

Reading the opinions of others can be helpful in understanding a situation, but each person should do their best to stay informed with good and reliable information. You can use the opinions of others and real facts to formulate your own opinions, and stay up to date on the latest information.

Read More Than One News Source

You may have heard about news outlets having agendas that they are trying to push on the public, and that may or may not be true. But if you get your information from a variety of reputable news outlets, then you can start to see the facts for what they really are. Even if a news website tries to put a spin on information, you can still get to the core of the issue by getting your information from a variety of sources.

Be Sure To Separate Editorials From Informational Articles

Editorial pieces have their place in helping you to understand current events, but they should not be confused with informational articles based on reporting news. As you gather your information, always separate the information offered in editorials from the information reported in news pieces. The opinions of others are much more valuable once you have taken in the facts about a story as well.

Always Question What You Read

Remember that there are always two sides to every debate, and the truth can be found at some point in the middle. If you are reading something that seems incorrect to you, then do some further research and educate yourself on the topic. You may not reach the level of an expert, but you will be informed enough to be content in your own opinion.

The Internet allows anyone to publish their opinions on current events, and too many people take those opinions to be facts. If you would like to be informed and be able to create your own opinion, then take the time to read a variety of editorials on a particular subject, and then compare those editorials to the facts you have uncovered.

Why Black Urban Reporting Is Important

black urban news offers an opportunity to hear reporting on nationally relevant events from a perspective that differs from the national media. Although these journalists have been trained just like mainstream reporters, they have also developed an eye for alternative headlines that explore deeper issues than those commonly reported in the mainstream. Here are more reasons this media segment should be important to the entire nation.

Expands the Narrative

It has happened more often than not: One media outlet reports a breaking story, and others follow that outlet’s lead, repeating the same information. Sometimes, this cannot be avoided if all outlets receive the same information at the same time. Black news outlets capitalize on the opportunity to explore how breaking news affects the black community. They gather statements on the record from viewpoints that might not otherwise have a national audience. This is a refreshing alternative to ingesting the same reshuffled information for days. It makes audiences more factually informed and culturally diverse. The national conversation has a chance to expand beyond its usual borders.

Responds to Cultural Issues with Culturally Competent Journalists

Although journalists do not need to be of a particular culture in order to report on events that affect that culture, it adds an extra layer of credibility to news reporting when they are. They know the right questions to ask and the right topics to focus on for their audiences. This in no way means that people outside of a culture are not competent enough to report on that culture. It does mean, however, that they will have to employ other skills to ensure they get the story right.

Gives the Mainstream More Perspectives to Explore

Sometimes, black urban and mainstream media collaborate to report on stories. There may be an aspect of a issue that no news editor or broadcast producer has considered. Mainstream reaches across the cultural divide to gain insights they might not otherwise have. This gives audiences stories that would not normally tune in to hear and broadens the offering of both black urban and mainstream media.

Black urban media has advanced far beyond community broadsides or historical black newspapers. Digital technology has made it possible for these outlets to expand their voices and explore ground previously uncovered. The national news conversation expands beyond the status quo and audiences are more diverse and much better for that diversity.

Dover Police youtube-sensation – viral video – dancing Shake it off

I saw freakin’ love the dance moves of this Dover Police in Delaware. He is so awesome. His facial expressions are cool and his movements are so cute. It is so nice to see something like this as everybody thought police are all tough but they are still human which can dance and sing whenever they want to. There is freedom to do anything good especially singing and dancing for as long as it is safe for him and for anybody.

Anyway, this video is uploaded on Jan 16, 2015 and he got 8,918,985 as of this time 11:54AM 1/18, 2015. This is truly a viral one. He-he!

The Importance of Business Security

Business security is extremely important. It is available at different levels, but if you do not have any form of business security, you should look into getting it. Simply having someone work in the store and locking the doors at night may not be enough. Any Denver security company can help your business get the protection it needs, so that you will never have to deal with huge losses or violations.

Why Get Security?

Crime exists no matter where you have your business. There are always people out there who will be willing to rob a store or warehouse or otherwise trespass on property that they should not be on. By getting some form of security, you can know what is going on at your place of business at all times, even when you are not there. This will give you a lot of peace of mind. Dealing with a huge loss from something stolen or damaged can cause a lot of problems for a business and even cause smaller ones to go under. It is much better to be proactive and prevent a situation rather than to simply wait for something to happen and deal with it when it comes.

What Security Should Be Used?

There are many different forms of business security that a Denver security company will offer. Security patrols, cameras, special locks and gates, and loss prevention are all ways to protect your business. Different forms of security may be required depending on the nature of your business. For example, cameras may be good if you have employees that work there when you are not there. This will allow you to see what is happening at all times. Security patrols may be important if you are putting on an event or if highly valuable things are left alone at night in the building. Special locks could be important if your business is exposed on the street and has a higher chance of being broken into. Speak to a security company to find out what kind of security would be best for your business, and get started on protecting what’s yours.

Digital2 with Andriod 4.1

Digital2 7” Pad deluxe is affordable and it is good for kids. There are kiddy books also which is nice for kids. It has Android 4.1 OS. This is a pretty gadget to give as gifts. It’s just that the battery is will not work for a long time. So, the thing that my eldest is doing is that he will just play while charging it. But when it is on mobile, the battery will be off too soon.

How to Use Flash Drive Merchandise

When you go to a work conference or another event where you receive promotional freebies with company names on them, you may end up with a flash drive among your Leeds merchandise. If you’ve never used a flash drive before, this may seem like a peculiar invention. For starters, know that it can be called a thumb drive, memory stick, USB stick, jump drive, stick drive, pen drive, etc. Its function is to store files and documents from your computer and to transfer them to another computer by sticking it in the USB outlet. A memory stick’s storage limits is determined by how many mega and gigabytes it holds. For more information on how to use a thumb drive, read on.

How to Stick In a Flash Drive

First of all, locate your USB drive on your computer. Stick the metal part of the thumb drive into the drive spot. After a few moments, the flash drive should be detected and a window may appear asking you what you want to do next with the external device. If the window does not pop up or direct you to the flash drive, you can locate it by double clicking on “My Computer.” If the thumb drive is new, you may want to format it. This process will wipe out old files and make it useable for your computer. Right click on the device and select “Format.” You should be able to provide the memory stick with a new name.

How to Transfer Files

Taking files from your computer to your USB device is all a matter of copying and pasting. Firstly, double click on the icon for your flash drive to open up the root menu. Then open up the files and documents on your computer you wish to transfer. You can copy these files by right clicking and selecting “Copy” or by clicking on them and hitting CTRL + C on your keyboard. Go to your destination file and right click on it to see the “Paste” option before hitting it; you can also press CTRL + V. To make things easier, you can click and drag these files to the flash drive icon. To take out the memory stick, find the mini-icon on the right side of the startup menu. Right click on it and hit the “Eject” option. After clicking on a few prompts, you should be able to successfully remove your Leeds merchandise.