Better offer for Alisah Bonaobra

It sucks to now that Alisah Bonaobra was not taken to the next level. She deserves better in life. I hope she will be taken as wild card in this year’s #XFactorUK2017. She can sing more and she deserves the best offers in life. She needs to have a mentor in the music industry for her dreams to come true. If there is just one person who can help her make it big in the music industry, then, she can show her God given talent to the entire world. She has the potential. It’s just ONE OFFER, JUST ONE OFFER FOR HER to change her life. And thanks to that person who has a big heart to offer a spot for her in the music industry as she’s a very talented person. Oh dear God, send just one angel for #AlisahBonaobrascareer.