Basic Post Body Jewelry Care To Take Note

Having body jewelry is not just any other accessorizing activities. It requires proper handling and care in order to avoid infection and similar skin problems. The moment you decided to place some belly and navel rings, ear gauges, cartilage earrings, tragus piercing and other similar body jewelry, you should be aware that these items are going to be placed into your skin and could create an open wound during its first few days of installation.

Once your skin is disrupted, it is now prone to infectious microorganisms and there’s no other way to prevent it but to make sure that you obtained them from a reputable body jewelry shop wherein all equipment are sterilized. In the first few days, do not attempt to frequently touch the pierced area nor expose it to other people’s body fluids like sweat, saliva, etc. In short, keep it off limits for a few days.
Avoid diving or swimming on public swimming pools until such time that the pierced area is totally healed. As much possible, keep them intact and do not frequently move the body jewelry like tongue piercing ring. There is a tendency that you might bruise the area and hasten the healing process.

If in case that the healing process appears to be too long, do not hesitate to consult a doctor as you might have developed allergic reactions or perhaps the area has been infected fully. More than its aesthetic purposes, it is important that it will not cause any health problems in the long run.