Lion’s head – Kennon Road, Baguio, Philippines

This is the lion’s head in Kennon Road. You can pass this thing on the major highway in going to Baguio City Philippines. I miss seeing this one when I first visited Baguio as the bus that I rode passed at the Marcos Highway. Anyway, this photo was from my cousin who visited the summer capital of the Philippines, like last year. This Lion’s head was newly painted as the color of this thing before was different.

Congratulations to the new Miss International 2016 – Kylie Verzosa – Miss International Philippines

OMG! Thank you God for the winning of #KylieVerzosa for the #MissInternational2016. Even if I don’t have sleep today, but I am so happy for her winning. And before the emcees announced the winner I knew it already that she will win. I even posted it in my wall that she’s the winner before the announcement and I was not mistaken. Her speech was so clear. Thank you God for the winning of Kylie Verzosa. Congratulations Girl!

Yoga DVD for kids

I do love freebies a lot. Even if I have to work for it, it doesn’t matter to me because I will receive it for free. And since I claimed my freebie rewards with amazon gift card, it means I can buy whatever I want. So, today, I purchased a yoga DVD for my kids so that they can exercise and have yoga inside our home. My kids are homeschooling and so they need some fun. And I think that yoga is healthy for them. I hope that this DVD is a good yoga and I hope they will love it. It feels so good to use free gift cards. Thanks God for the freebies.

Eggplant with rice – Yum

I came from an ordinary family with simple food. We plant our own veggies during the time that my parents were young. They loved small farming as maybe it will help them feel better. Nature always has the energy to give to my parents and that’s why they love what they are doing. One of the veggies that my parents loved to plant was eggplants. And that’s why even if I am living here abroad; I still crave for the simple food that my mother used to cook. In this meal, I stir fried the eggplant mixed with soy sauce and some seasoning blend. It tasted good together with the soft cooked rice. Yum!

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Believe that there’s always something good for you

Every time I am feeling depress or is into too much thinking of my problem, there will be some good messages for me. And I do believe it’s one of the messages from heaven above. I am thankful at this minute to read this message from the fb of my friend as she shared this photo which has these words: “God’s plan is always the best. Sometimes the process is painful and hard. But don’t forget that when God is silent, He is doing something good for you. ”