Why Black Urban Reporting Is Important

black urban news offers an opportunity to hear reporting on nationally relevant events from a perspective that differs from the national media. Although these journalists have been trained just like mainstream reporters, they have also developed an eye for alternative headlines that explore deeper issues than those commonly reported in the mainstream. Here are more reasons this media segment should be important to the entire nation.

Expands the Narrative

It has happened more often than not: One media outlet reports a breaking story, and others follow that outlet’s lead, repeating the same information. Sometimes, this cannot be avoided if all outlets receive the same information at the same time. Black news outlets capitalize on the opportunity to explore how breaking news affects the black community. They gather statements on the record from viewpoints that might not otherwise have a national audience. This is a refreshing alternative to ingesting the same reshuffled information for days. It makes audiences more factually informed and culturally diverse. The national conversation has a chance to expand beyond its usual borders.

Responds to Cultural Issues with Culturally Competent Journalists

Although journalists do not need to be of a particular culture in order to report on events that affect that culture, it adds an extra layer of credibility to news reporting when they are. They know the right questions to ask and the right topics to focus on for their audiences. This in no way means that people outside of a culture are not competent enough to report on that culture. It does mean, however, that they will have to employ other skills to ensure they get the story right.

Gives the Mainstream More Perspectives to Explore

Sometimes, black urban and mainstream media collaborate to report on stories. There may be an aspect of a issue that no news editor or broadcast producer has considered. Mainstream reaches across the cultural divide to gain insights they might not otherwise have. This gives audiences stories that would not normally tune in to hear and broadens the offering of both black urban and mainstream media.

Black urban media has advanced far beyond community broadsides or historical black newspapers. Digital technology has made it possible for these outlets to expand their voices and explore ground previously uncovered. The national news conversation expands beyond the status quo and audiences are more diverse and much better for that diversity.

The Age of Adaline – A Movie Worth Watching

“Tell me something I can hold on to forever and never let go.” This is one of the lines which catches my attention and memory from the movie – The Age of Adaline. This film is a must-watch for it not only presents the power of love but also how timeless it is to see that two people coming of different age fall in love with each other despite their age. I so love the way the characters portray their roles. Adaline is a very smart and loving woman who sacrifices her passion just not to hurt other people. Ellis is a great and intelligent guy who is impossible not to fall in love with. I also love the twists in this movie. One of those is when Adaline met the family of Ellis and realized that his dad is the one whom she fell in love with before. Oh there you go and there are a lot more twists which is a must-watch. Please take a few minutes of this clip from YouTube. Thanks to Lionsgate Movies for the upload. :)

Ex Machina

I’ve always wanted to watch a movie and I started to check online which one is a must watch. Then, I finally found a movie which pretty much captures my interest and I should say that it really is a must-watch for you guys if you’ve got some time especially if you are a techie or sci-fi movie enthusiast. What I love about this movie is the complexity of the characters’ personality at some point and it’s twists especially in the end. Oh, I can only say for now that I am a bit high of some scenes which keep on flashing in my mind. Alright, guys, time to hit the sack. For now, please enjoy this movie trailer which I got from YouTube from Universal Pictures UK. Cheers!

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Gun oil is not really for real guns

I was so naïve and didn’t know the use of “gun oil” as it was mixed with the items that needed to be returned in the automotive section. As I was sorting the items, I said to myself, “What? Gun oil and they mixed it with the automotive products? Okay, I’ll just bring this to the sporting goods as I am just near and hmmm that section is selling guns.” So, I went back there and just placed the small container of “gun oil” that’s shaped like a bullet head. Then, I went back to the automotive section to get my cart and then I went to the hardware department and then to the stationary.

When I was near my cart, the assigned personnel of the sporting goods, was walking and he said to me, “This gun oil does not belong to the sporting goods. This is not oil for guns. This oil is different coz this is lubricant.” I was analyzing his words and I replied, “Oh, I am so sorry. All I did was read the word gun oil and thought that you are selling guns so meaning it belongs to your department and so I just put it on your counter.” He replied, “No that gun is different, that’s a lubricant and it has a different use. You know something like different gun?” He was smiling at me as if he was thinking I was naïve and I was ignorant. I said to him, “Okay, I’ll just take it and bring it to the health and beauty section so that they can shelf it back. And next time, I’ll surely read more description of the items.” He was just laughing at me. GRRR!