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Love’s greatest gift is its ability to make everything it touches sacred. – Barbara de Angelis –

Do you believe in it? I am sure you do believe in love because I know that you are in love right now. There is just one thing that I am going to share to you and that is ‘don’t get tired of saying I LOVE YOU to the people that you love most’. Every day tell them that you love them and let them feel it. Your kids, husband, wife, parents, siblings, and your dear friends, let all of these people know that you love and care for them so much. SPREAD LOVE!

Blind man and a garbage boy got amazing talent

Happiness means simplicity…

Despite of their situation, they develop their talents even if no professional teachers taught them … I think, they don’t have excuses not to develop it on their own.

I do admire their happiness every time I will see this video (and videos like this)…I know they have needs and wants with some dreams that they are hoping it will come true someday in their lives. Despite of what they’ve been through, they go on with life being joyful … And at the same time giving happiness to other people.

Brooklyn personal injury attorney

At some point in your life, you may suffer an injury because of the negligence of someone else. Hopefully, this will never happen. If it does, it is important that you know what to do. If you believe that you have a legitimate case for a lawsuit against a company or individual for causing your injury, you need to find an experienced personal injury attorney to represent you. If you look online or in the phone book, you will see many lawyers who claim to be the best. How do you sift through all of these people to find a good one? Here are a few of the qualities of a good personal injury attorney.

A great track record

For obvious reasons, you do not want to hire an attorney who is fresh out of law school. You want to find someone with many years of experience representing people in personal injury cases. There are many lawyers who handle different types of cases. For example, they might handle family law and personal injury cases. While these attorneys might be very good, they should be avoided. This is because they may not have the level of knowledge regarding personal injury law that an attorney who only deals with those types of cases would have. Your case is too important to let someone handle it who is not a complete expert when it comes to personal injury law. You should find an attorney who has won the vast majority of his or her personal injury cases.

Easy to get in touch with

As you might imagine, attorneys are busy people with many cases to handle. You will not be your attorney’s only client. Once your case has begun, you will be assigned a person at your attorney’s office who you can call if you have any questions about your case. That having been said, you may want to talk directly to your lawyer from time to time. It is important that your lawyer is available for you to talk to. There may be times when you have a question that is very personal. In these cases, you will not want to ask a member of his or her staff. If you are in need of a Brooklyn personal injury attorney, The Law Offices of David J. Hernandez & Associates will be happy to assist you. Go to djhernandez.com to learn more about this law firm.

Why Black Urban Reporting Is Important

black urban news offers an opportunity to hear reporting on nationally relevant events from a perspective that differs from the national media. Although these journalists have been trained just like mainstream reporters, they have also developed an eye for alternative headlines that explore deeper issues than those commonly reported in the mainstream. Here are more reasons this media segment should be important to the entire nation.

Expands the Narrative

It has happened more often than not: One media outlet reports a breaking story, and others follow that outlet’s lead, repeating the same information. Sometimes, this cannot be avoided if all outlets receive the same information at the same time. Black news outlets capitalize on the opportunity to explore how breaking news affects the black community. They gather statements on the record from viewpoints that might not otherwise have a national audience. This is a refreshing alternative to ingesting the same reshuffled information for days. It makes audiences more factually informed and culturally diverse. The national conversation has a chance to expand beyond its usual borders.

Responds to Cultural Issues with Culturally Competent Journalists

Although journalists do not need to be of a particular culture in order to report on events that affect that culture, it adds an extra layer of credibility to news reporting when they are. They know the right questions to ask and the right topics to focus on for their audiences. This in no way means that people outside of a culture are not competent enough to report on that culture. It does mean, however, that they will have to employ other skills to ensure they get the story right.

Gives the Mainstream More Perspectives to Explore

Sometimes, black urban and mainstream media collaborate to report on stories. There may be an aspect of a issue that no news editor or broadcast producer has considered. Mainstream reaches across the cultural divide to gain insights they might not otherwise have. This gives audiences stories that would not normally tune in to hear and broadens the offering of both black urban and mainstream media.

Black urban media has advanced far beyond community broadsides or historical black newspapers. Digital technology has made it possible for these outlets to expand their voices and explore ground previously uncovered. The national news conversation expands beyond the status quo and audiences are more diverse and much better for that diversity.