Habits that are aging you?

Do you believe on the things that you read on the net? If you do, you think these “11 every day habits that are aging you” from MSN affects you?

Here is their list (http://www.msn.com/en-us/health/wellness/13-everyday-habits-that-are-aging-you/ss-BBi2KeR?ocid=mailsignout#image=11):
1. Multi-tasking
2. You rarely pass up dessert
3. You get by on fewer than five hours sleep a night
4. You love a good TV marathon
5. You spend most of the day sitting
6. You don’t use eye cream
7. You use sunscreen but only on vacation
8. You wear too much makeup
9. You sleep with your face on pillow
10. You keep your home toasty warm
11. You sip drinks through a straw
13. You cut out all fat from your diet

As for me, I do multi-tasking every day now that I am a mother, take care of my kids, do chores, and work online. Another thing is that I hate using eye cream, so I guess I will start to use one, ha-ha. Oh well, whenever I have some spare money to buy cream for my eyes. I rarely use sunscreen as I am browned skin and I think I am okay if I’ll have to stay under the heat of the sun during summer time. I seldom use straws as I hate drinking soda and I just love drinking water always.

So, what you think? If you want to know more about why they list those 11 things, you should read it carefully.

The Features of Double glass reactors

In daily life, maybe you have been so familiar with different vessels; indeed, these types of reactors have ability to bring us so many conveniences. In this article, we are going to a special vessel ¨C double glass reactors which are widely used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as lab study.

Double glass reactors are the central component of the reactor coolant system with a cylindrical shell; and this shell often has a spherical bottom head and a ring flange at the top.

General speaking, reactor coolant system play a pivotal role in the performing the function of a power reactor installation which can extract as much heart of nuclear fission as possible and convert it to useful electricity power; although this system used to remove energy from the reactor core and transfer energy either directly or indirectly to the steam turbine. Primary coolant system is consisted of steam generator, reactor pressure vessel, primary coolant pump, and pressurizer which are mainly used to maintain the pressure in the primary coolant circuit and prevent overpressure.

Steam generator is a vertical U-tube heat changer that converts the thermal energy generated in the double glass reactors to the steam and transfer the steam to the turbine system; and a reactor coolant pump circulates the reactor coolant to remove heat form the reactor core at a constant flow rate. In addition to mentioned earlier, the pressurizer also can actuate electrical heater, spray valve and relief valve.

Contained the nuclear fuel in nuclear power plants, reactor pressure vessel is a kind of double glass reactors and consisted by the parts core shroud, reactor core and nuclear reactor coolant; this vessel is can be used to form a reactor coolant pressure boundary withstanding high temperatures and high pressures during normal operation, fast-neutron embrittlement and abnormal transient condition. In short, the reactor coolant system makes double glass reactors, reactor coolant pump and steam generator in a state of circulating loop configuration.

These days, double glass reactors are made from a high quality ¨C borosilicate glass which is a type of glass with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glass is created by adding boric oxide to the traditional glassmaker¡¯s first of silica sand, soda and ground lime; it has very low coefficients of thermal expansion thus resistant to thermal shock and thermal stress. For this reason, borosilicate glass also is used to manufacture laboratory device. In short, rector vessel made from borosilicate glass can provide you efficient and safe operation in industries.

Dover Police youtube-sensation – viral video – dancing Shake it off

I saw freakin’ love the dance moves of this Dover Police in Delaware. He is so awesome. His facial expressions are cool and his movements are so cute. It is so nice to see something like this as everybody thought police are all tough but they are still human which can dance and sing whenever they want to. There is freedom to do anything good especially singing and dancing for as long as it is safe for him and for anybody.

Anyway, this video is uploaded on Jan 16, 2015 and he got 8,918,985 as of this time 11:54AM 1/18, 2015. This is truly a viral one. He-he!

Do birth control pills affect my future fertility?

Getting pregnant after birth control is something that many women worry about. They are not sure if it will be okay, and if their birth control will affect their future fertility. Luckily, according to Pregnancytips.org, women who take birth control pills have nothing to worry about when it comes to their future fertility. The way the pill works is by putting a small amount of hormones into your body every day. When you stop taking your birth control pill, those hormones are out of your system in just a few days. This means that within a few weeks of going off of the pill, your menstrual cycles and ovulation should return to normal. However, you should be sure to have some way to track your cycles after stopping the pill so that you can be sure that your body is back to normal. This will also help you to understand your fertile days better so that you can improve your chances of conceiving. There should be no long lasting effects of the birth control pill when it comes to fertility, so you can feel safe making this your birth control method of choice.

And you know what? This was the reason why I used pills as I know that the brand that I used was safe.

Is being healthy always makes you wealthy?

Being healthy always is needed for each and every one of us. Is being healthy one of your concerns in life? Do you believe that health always means wealth? I am sure you will agree with this saying “health is wealth” as it means when you are healthy you will have lots of savings in life. So, stay as healthy as possible by eating good foods and choosing to drink only the good drinks. When you will eat and drink the not healthy ones it is like you are fueling your body with bad stuff similar to putting your car a diesel instead of gasoline. If you will do it to your car, you think it will function well? Your body is much more important than your car, right? So, when you take good care of your car, do take extra good care and love for your body. Eat and drink only the healthy stuff for your body to function well for you. Another thing is that you need to have regular and good exercise. Whether you want to have it in the gym or you will exercise at home, few minutes of it will do for your health as well. You also need to have good sleep as this will always recharge your body and when you will wake up it will be so refreshing and calming thing to have. Then, you need to have the good Supplements that your doctor recommend or a thing that you choose to have for yourself. You can purchase it in your favorite stores or you can easily shop online. But whatever you will do to your body, it will be your choice then as you are the one carrying yourself. What will be your choice now?