Ex Machina

I’ve always wanted to watch a movie and I started to check online which one is a must watch. Then, I finally found a movie which pretty much captures my interest and I should say that it really is a must-watch for you guys if you’ve got some time especially if you are a techie or sci-fi movie enthusiast. What I love about this movie is the complexity of the characters’ personality at some point and it’s twists especially in the end. Oh, I can only say for now that I am a bit high of some scenes which keep on flashing in my mind. Alright, guys, time to hit the sack. For now, please enjoy this movie trailer which I got from YouTube from Universal Pictures UK. Cheers!

Victoria’s Secret panty – 7 for $27

Right now, there is a promo of victoria’s secret. It says that the panties are 7 for 27 bucks. There are plenty of styles of choose. Ordering online of $100 or more, you can enjoy free shipping and just use code FREESHIP100. If you are interested, just visit this link – https://www.victoriassecret.com/panties/5-for-27-styles?cm_mmc=DGTS-_-FBcrm-_-PantyParty-_-PantyParty052115. This promo that I’ve read is posted today May 23, 2015 and it will end Monday May 25, 2015. Hurry and collect the victoria’s secret that you love most.

note: photos from victoria’s secret dot com

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Gun oil is not really for real guns

I was so naïve and didn’t know the use of “gun oil” as it was mixed with the items that needed to be returned in the automotive section. As I was sorting the items, I said to myself, “What? Gun oil and they mixed it with the automotive products? Okay, I’ll just bring this to the sporting goods as I am just near and hmmm that section is selling guns.” So, I went back there and just placed the small container of “gun oil” that’s shaped like a bullet head. Then, I went back to the automotive section to get my cart and then I went to the hardware department and then to the stationary.

When I was near my cart, the assigned personnel of the sporting goods, was walking and he said to me, “This gun oil does not belong to the sporting goods. This is not oil for guns. This oil is different coz this is lubricant.” I was analyzing his words and I replied, “Oh, I am so sorry. All I did was read the word gun oil and thought that you are selling guns so meaning it belongs to your department and so I just put it on your counter.” He replied, “No that gun is different, that’s a lubricant and it has a different use. You know something like different gun?” He was smiling at me as if he was thinking I was naïve and I was ignorant. I said to him, “Okay, I’ll just take it and bring it to the health and beauty section so that they can shelf it back. And next time, I’ll surely read more description of the items.” He was just laughing at me. GRRR!

Loan Me Review

When you are in need of money, Lending and borrowing it from companies is a great thing to do compare to borrowing finances from friends and relatives. Why? It is great as when you borrow money from friends or relatives, you know that they too have their own financial concerns. Plus, you are not sure if they will let you borrow any cents. But with lending companies, you are assured that your personal, business, and or auto loans will get approve easily whether you have good or bad credit history. Of course, you need to choose the right financial company with good Reviews from their real customers. In this way, you will get a hint on whether this and or that company is the one that you are looking for.

Since I am sharing to you about Loan Company I am going to impart to you a company that has 90.32% positive customer reviews and it earned an eKomi Silver Seal of Approval. This I am sharing about LoanMe. This company is offering personal loans, business loans, and auto loans. LoanMe has 112 positive customer reviews which means this company provides satisfactory services to their valued customers.

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A company won’t allow an employee to wear a headband at work to protect the sweat from getting into his eyes coz of the “gangster looking” – What the?

As I was standing in a certain place, I saw a person who worked a lot. I was just observing him and I’ve noticed that there’s water dripping from his chin and his face. I asked him, “Are you sweating?” He answered, “Yes, I am!” I said to him “If you are sweating, why are you not wearing a headband or something that can help you with your sweat?” He told me, “They won’t allow me to wear it. They said it’s like a gangster.” I asked him, “Oh! What if you will have a doctor’s note that you need to wear one?” He answered, “Even if I have, they won’t allow me. And my sweat is getting into my eyes.”

Looking at him makes me so weak and I am hurting for him. He is a good worker and he dedicates himself with his job. Why can’t that company allow an employee like him to wear a headband to protect the sweat from getting into his eyes? That is for medical purposes and what the heck is that “GANGSTER THING” when talking about the health of an employee? They are not plenty who is sweating a lot coz it’s just him. Can that company care even just for him and for his health?