Homemade ice cream with cuisinart yogurt & sorbet maker – Yum

This is a homemade ice cream with the Cuisinart pure indulgence 2qt ice cream frozen yogurt & sorbet maker. This ice cream maker contains at least 2qt, brushed metal finished, and in just 25 minutes or more you can have your own homemade ice cream. My husband bought this ice cream maker because our son has food allergies and so we want to make our own ice cream. Gladly, this vanilla homemade ice cream tasted yummy!

In being positive and loving our own (self)

This was my advise to the daughter of my cousin as she was positive with what she posted about herself and her photo. I hope it will be a little advise to you as my reader for today. More blessings to you!

Wow positive words. Cool that you love yourself coz that’s the best thing that a person can do.

Our own (self) is the only “best thing” we have for this lifetime. We must take care of it. Our own (self) is the best gift from God to us. And it is free. When it is free it is irreplaceable and it’s precious (ever precious than any gold or diamond). We must appreciate and be thankful for it. So, therefore, we must take care, speak well, and uplift our own (self). No one can do it – it’s just us.

Before loving others, we must love ourselves first (right?). We must not to hurt our own self because this is all we’ve got for life. We are worth loving (because God loves us first)!

Loving our own (self) is what God wants us to do because if we love our own (self) it means we can learn to love others, like our families, and friends. Right time will come when God will give us his God’s Gift to us who can love us, accept us, protect us and who can be with us for this lifetime (GG as what we call it in Single’s For Christ -SFC before). A GG that is committed and sincere enough in loving us. A GG that has a God-centered life (I found mine already and I am grateful for it)!

(Just a thought! Keep on being positive and I know you are coz you are a good and beautiful perso!)

#TapeFaceBoy America’s Got Talent

#TapeFaceBoy is mysteriously funny. At first it was puzzling of what would be doing. His face was even scary. But when he started to act and perform on stage, it was the AHA and funny moment. His talent was unpredictable, of course. Even his name was unknown, I mean to the audience, but I am sure his real name was written on papers.

So, I think his talent is unique. It was simple but most people like mysteries and surprises in a contest. In life, sometimes, first impression wouldn’t last, I mean for his talent as I thought he was scary but the truth was that he’s funny. I hope he will got the chance to show case more of his funny talent similar to “#CharlieChaplin”.

I was entertained. It’s a good vibes. I think, it’s what everyone needs these days – positive funny entertainment.

Too much ads on a site, so annoying

Oh my, I just love reading websites and blogs which are informative. But I cannot stay longer because they have lots of ads that are freezing my computer. What’s worst? They have pop-up ads and others will download bad things. I know it makes money for the website owner but GEE, please minimize the pop-ups and the bad ads that will infect viruses on your visitors.

I know my blog is just personal blog, but I hate putting too much ads. I should be putting pay per click in all of my blogs and earn something, but I don’t like the pop ups from the company that I am with. It’s driving me crazy. I said to myself, it doesn’t matter if I don’t earn from ppc or whatever site ads, for as long as I cannot infect viruses on my visitors machines.

And I do appreciate those website with ads at the end of their posts minus the pop ups coz it is all up to the reader to click it or not. I just hate pop ups and too much ads on a site that will freeze my computer. And there are websites that don’t have pop up ads but the ad-script that they are using is too heavy to load. GEE! If I find that a website has too much ads, I will not visit that site again no matter how informative it is. Haysss!

Converting Videos From MP4 To AVI Made Easier With Movavi Video Converter

Videos in MP4 format are more suited to desktops and laptops than other devices and platforms; in fact, even while sharing such video files online, the MP4 format is given preference. There is however one pitfall of using MP4. This format is not compatible with DVD players. It is thus better to have, on standby, a tool which can help the user switch from one format to another in a jiffy. The Movavi Video Converter is one such program which comes in handy if one wants to change the format of a video file from MP4 to AVI.

The Movavi Video Converter is available for both Mac and Windows users, thus making it easier for them to convert. The conversion of formats can be completed in a few simple steps. First, the program will have to be installed on to the user’s desktop or laptop. The installation process is very simple, since all one has to do is click on the install link. The Movavi interface is user friendly, and one doesn’t have to have to expertise in the field to operate it. Once the program has been installed, click on the “Add Video” option on the left to add the video which must be converted to AVI. The best part about this program is that Movavi allows one to convert a number of videos simultaneously. In the third step, the user will have to choose the format, AVI in this case; it is even possible to do it the other way around with Movavi. Finally, the user  must select where he wants the files to be stored after the conversion. The entire process can take up to several minutes, based on the size of the file and the number of files being converted.

The Movavi MP4 to AVI Converter is not just a tool that allows one to change the format of media files, it also helps with other processing and editing techniques which were otherwise too complicated. The other features of the Movavi program include converting between more than 180 different formats, basic editing tools for videos, ripping DVDs, extracting audio clips from video, reducing the size of video files and so on. Most conversion software use a complex process while converting formats, but not Movavi which is simple enough to be operated by a child!  That is precisely why it has gained a lot of popularity; it truly is the best choice for those looking to experiment with their videos and alternate between different file formats.

Pembroke painters

Are you feeling the spring fever and want to make your home beautiful? I bet you are feeling this right now, like you need to beautify your place while the weather is warm and sunny. Do you want to repaint your home and maintain its newness? Wait! Do you have enough time to do it?

When you don’t have enough time to do it yourself in having a home makeover or home repainting, all you have to do is to hire one of the well-known Pembroke painters who can do all the works for you. Before hiring the painting services, you need to choose a company that is not only reliable but also with professional workers and a company that can offer a reasonable price. Choose a company which has good customer service reviews over the years of their service. Mostly, you can ask for a FREE ESTIMATE before hiring them to paint your home. Whatever you need with repainting, be it in the exterior or interior of your home, any professional Pembroke painters can do it for you in a timely manner.

On the other hand, when you need to hire painters for your business, you can also do it. Again, ask for free estimate from the company that you trust in painting your properties. Or if you like, you can also call 781.243.3930 for more information!

Life is going to be okay

Recently, I am trying to find a work from home. I took an exam already and I hope I can have the change to work for that company. I have lots of apprehensions though, with this work since I need a sound proof room. But I said to myself that if this is for me, everything will be okay and there will be many available things for me to use. On the other hand, I am hoping that blogging and freelance writing work can be abundance again. One thing is for sure, life is going to be okay no matter what.