Loving the snow and ice on the road

Now that I am living in the US for more than 10 years now, I just love snow. The thing that I like is that when it becomes ice on the road. But of course, I need to be careful and just drive slowly. Sometimes, it is below the speed limit for me to be safe. Anyway, I took this photo on four way stops. I wasn’t using my sedan. I just borrowed the truck of my husband as it’s a 4WD. I was on my way to the store after doing my grocery from another store as the first store that I visited was out of bread. Do you love snow too?

Simple Health Strategies That Will Take Your Life To A New Level

As the old saying goes, “Health is wealth.” When your body functions optimally, your mood is better, you have more energy, and you are able to assimilate and eliminate food without complication. Unfortunately, many people find that they struggle with poor health, thereby precluding them from leading the fun, productive life they want. Yet by accessing the right health strategies, you can take your life to a new level of positivity and productivity. Get on this path right now by utilizing the following wellness strategies:

1. Eliminate All Diseases.

Diseases have a profoundly negative impact on your health because they hamper your metabolism, detract from your mood, and cause all kinds of discomforts and aches throughout the body. Thus if you’re serious about getting healthy, you need to identify and eliminate every disease lurking within your body. You can accomplish this objective by purchasing testing kits from companies like Diagnostic Automation. These types of companies tend to feature all types of testing kits, some of which include:

ifa kits
anemia kits
autoimmune kits
cancer kits
cardiac kits
diabetes kits
thyroid kits

2. Join Your Local Gym.

Unfortunately, we live in a profoundly sedentary society. This is the case for numerous reasons, including the fact that office jobs now involve individuals sitting in a confined space from 6-12 hours per day. This ongoing lack of mobility can have a profoundly adverse impact on the body. In fact, people who are sedentary tend to be overweight, and this fact alone can lead to numerous life-compromising conditions. Some of them include heart disease, depression, and diabetes. Yet by joining a local gym, you can take an important and powerful step towards leading a more active life. Most gyms will feature a wide range of services to help you get fit, including group fitness classes. Some gyms also contract out the services of personal trainers.

3. Get Motivated.

Internal motivation is a key factor that can help you have success in any area of your life, including your ability to get healthy. With that idea in mind, you need to get motivated to implement the behavioral changes necessary to facilitate optimal wellness. To do so, identify some reasons why you want to take your health to a new level. This could include anything from wanting to look better in your jeans to desiring more energy so you can enjoy time spent being active with your family.


If you want to get healthy, don’t delay the process. Instead, get started now so you can start seeing results. By implementing some or all of the health techniques outlined here, you’ll likely find that you start looking good and feeling great!

Choosing to be happy

“Shakespeare said:
I always feel happy, you know why?
Because I don’t expect anything from anyone, expectations always hurt. Life is short, so love your life. Be happy and keep smiling. Just live for yourself. Before you speak, listen. Before you write, think. Before you spend, EARN. Before you pray, FORGIVE. Before you hurt, feel. Before you hate, LOVE. Before you quit, TRY. Before you die, LIVE.”

This is one of the beautiful quotes for me today. This is a reminder for me that in life, this is just what I need to get through the day. Not just in a day but in every days of my life. Life is so simple and being happy is one of the ingredients but I am making it complicated by clouding myself to the problems and concerns beyond my capacity to solve. And so with this, I am offering myself and my life to God with me choosing to be happy and to be positive in life. I hope to choose happiness not just today but tomorrow and the days to come.

Old coin that sells almost $2 million (news from msn)

I love to collect anything about coins especially the old ones. It’s like I don’t want to spend them and I want to keep them forever. I have few collections already and that includes 1 2cents EU, 1 Canadian cent, 1 .50cents US, and few old US coins that dated long time ago. And so I am searching more of these old coins coz I am inspired of what I’ve read in MSN – http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/rare-dime-sells-for-nearly-dollar2m-at-auction-in-tampa/ar-AAguu9H?ocid=ansmsnnews11 – THAT the rare dime was sold for almost $2Million dollars. Who knows one of these days I’ll be receiving great valued old coins from changes when I’ll buy some goodies. Just like my friend who received a gold 25 cents that she received from a change in which she didn’t know which store she had it but she’s keeping it to these days coz it’s a good collection.

Photo Screenshot from MSN
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Help Your Helpers: Tips for Giving Back to Veterans

Veterans of the armed services of the United States have done a lot for our country. If you’re like most people, you naturally assume the government will take care of all of their needs once they come back onto American soil. The truth is that many veterans simply don’t have the support they need in ther own country.

There’s a whole lot you can do for the veterans in your own country though. Best of all, you don’t have to empty your savings or make a huge sacrifice to make a difference. Use this guide to learn more about doing something positive for the veterans that need your help in this country.

Clear Your Pantry

If you’re like a lot of people in the United States, you spend time at the end of the year clearing out your closet, common spaces and areas like the pantry. While it might be hard to believe, many veterans simply don’t have enough food to eat during the holidays and through the rest of the year.

Many veterans don’t even have enough money or opportunities to earn money for their families. That can be very stressful and difficult for strong veterans who have small children and family members who can’t take care of themselves.

Take the time to clear your pantry of canned foods and non-perishable items. Veterans need food to care for their families, and even a single paper grocery bag full can go a very long way.

Donate Cash

Organizations that support veterans of the US armed services often don’t have enough money to really fund all of the programs they try to offer. Over time, this can lead to these services having to shut down or not getting money from the government. That’s a double-edged sword when organizations are just trying to help veterans that need it.

Giving even just a few dollars to an organization in your area can make a big difference in a veterans life. Best of all, you can write a check and feel good about helping people that need it this year without too much effort.


Veteran aid organizations often need help to implement the programs that veterans need. If you have more time than money, or if you just want to help out in person, you can call and ask what organizations need.

Something as simple as helping hand out clothing or gifts could be essential in your area.