UGG Boots

I do love UGG boots a lot. Even a pair of it, I would be happy wearing it. And reading this article from – made me think about my dream of wearing one UGG product someday. With its quality, I am wondering why there are people who hate the product. Well, maybe every person has their own taste of fashion and comfort. As for me, the UGG classic style would be of comfort to me during winter days. I would love to have one soon or hopefully someone will give it to me for free. Nyayy!

Keep on hoping and praying

There are times when you really want and need something so bad and you are doing your best to get it but you were not able to have it. You’ve done all the positive thoughts and affirmations so as to guide you with whatever you want to achieve but no matter how hard you’ve tried you did not Continue reading

Tap out Gear

They said that the clothes that you wear and the clothes that you choose speak so much about you. If you are classy, then, you will buy the classy fashion. If you are hip hoppers, you will also choose clothes similar to this trend. If you want the sexy and daring style, your clothes, probably would be like these as well so that when you will wear it, it will surely show up and you will shine out of the fashion that you love. Continue reading

Good Changes in Cebu City Philippines

I know my family and I can have a grand vacation soon in Cebu City Philippines. As of the moment, I am looking on the net on the changes of my beloved city and I am glad to find something good news from- The one that I like most is the Summit Circle Hotel in which hanging rice dot com said that it used to be the Midtown hotel. Another thing is that there are lots of “Exclusive brands” that will be in Ayala Center Cebu. Next, is the IT Park in Lahug – I miss this place since this is just so near in my place (Busay). I am just wondering how crowded this place would be with all of the sky scrapers on our vacation. Then, I am so happy that Cebu has its new airport. Anyway, I’d like to thank the author of Hanging Rice for the updates of Cebu City Philippines.

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