Prosperity is feeling good with yourself.
You prosper if you feel good about yourself.
– Louise Hay

Positive = Happiness

Happiness is being positive!

You don’t need to have anything just to be happy. By just being positive, you can be happy. With whatever situation you are in, just choose to be happy. And that is what life is all about. Spread the happiness. Be positive and spread the light of being happy. You may be the angel in disguise to other people to brighten their days.

Beautiful Michael Kors Junior Jacket w/Removable Hood Size 14

Beautiful Michael Kors
Junior Jacket
w/Removable Hood
Size 14
2 pockets with Zipper closures (outer)
2 pockets inner
zipper closure
2 buttons (neck)
Removal hood (zipper)

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Thoughts about Money

I gave more than what I earn for my families without saying I bought this and that. I shared more than what I earned. I tried to shoulder needs of others, and I am the one who is burned to pay it.

Money is from God, and I am just a steward of this energy here on earth. I shared it too much that’s why I have huge debts to these days.

I am learning each day to handle money again. I am asking God to help me handle it so that I can be a good steward of his wealth while I am still here on earth.

I know that one way of handling money is to share it with others (families, friends, and charities). The thing that I need most is to open myself to receive more, and when I receive more, I need ways on how to multiply it even more so I can be a blessing to my families, friends and to the people that I want to help. Oh dear God!

Beautiful Authentic COACH Modern Trench Size: 12

Beautiful Authentic COACH
Modern Trench
Size: 12
Original Price/MFSRP: $575

Shell: 100% Cotton

Lining: 57% Polyester
43% cupro

Facings: 100% Polyester

Leather Trims: 100% Cow Leather


NWT Pink/Black Bible Case/Cover Large

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In taking care of your new born baby

When you are a parent of a newborn baby, you should make it sure that your child is healthy all the time. But in this time of year, you cannot avoid that your baby will experience health concerns such as newborn sneezing, colds, and the like. With all of the airborne irritants, common colds, and flu viruses, you have to make sure that you can protect your baby from all of these health concerns.

You have to make it a point that you will bring your baby to the pediatrician with complete immunizations. Another thing is that you’ve got to read good stuff about how to take care of your newborn. One of the sites that are a must-read for parents is this This site is so informative as it has comprehensive information when it comes to taking care of newborn babies. So, when you are a parent, might as well, check this website out and learn more tips in taking care of your precious baby.

Being a mother is awesome

When I was pregnant with my first baby, everything was prepared. And that’s from the room, crib, towels, blankets, shoes, clothes, diaper bags, cloth diapers, and all. Before my baby’s arrival, I also had a baby shower hosted by my nurses who helped me had my medicines for six months. They brought some cakes for me and lots of gifts for my baby. I was surprised that time because it was my first time of experiencing a baby shower. My first pregnancy was so amazing for my baby and for me.

With my second pregnancy, it was so reverse. From carrying my baby for 9 months and all was totally different. But I was thankful that my 2nd baby was so healthy. Even if she didn’t have all the things that she needs, but no need to worry since she’s using the things that her brother had. Oh I mean the things that a girl can use, like all those white clothes, and other things that were okay for her to wear.

All in all, being a mother is so awesome. And I love my kids forever since they are the best thing that ever happened to me. They are God’s gift to me! I am so thankful to have them both!

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